Monday, June 18, 2018

Pineapple - June 2018

The collies hope everypaw  had a pawsome pawthers day.  We spent a lot of time with Dad.  We let him take for a walk and go to Angel Paws.  

In the yard we had this big yellow-orange colored fruit.  We helped Dad cut the plant out of the flower pot.  A nice pineapple plant.  Dad loves them, but the fruit comes out about every 18 months or so.  Sherman decided to pose with the pineapple.  Gemini wandered off, since no treats were involved.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sherman Is Seven

Sherman is seven years old.  Dad can hardly believe that it has been that long.  Dad gave Sherman and big hug and sand Happy Barkday to him.  We got a big bone that one of his friend Tom gave him, a pig ear and frosty paws today.  We haven't eaten much of our meal.  
Sherman Enjoys a Bone
Gemini Pretends She Is Not Interested
A Pig's Ear Too
We had a fun time at Angel Paws.  A lot of our friends were at the park too.  We played some near the end of the day, because it was hot..
Sherman & Gemini Resting
Kyra & Truffels 
Luna & Sol
A book named the Red Ruin by Terhune came in the mail today too.  It was a pawsome Barkdday for a pawtastic collie.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini.  

Thursday, May 31, 2018

31 MAY 2018

Well cyber paw pals this is the last day of May.  June is coming our way and our pack will have plenty of barkdays to celebrate.  This last week has not been much fun because all the rain impacted our ability to visit Angel Paws.  We did get plenty of walks in.  Dog Dad being his corny self sang song like "Singing in the Rain" and "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head."  Fortunately not many hoomans and pups walk in the rain.  We kept Dads spirits as he remember Deacon's bridge crossing on the 27th.  Some strategic face licking made Dad smile and give us a hug.

Dad did manage to pawtograph us on the dog bed this morning.  Dad smiles when we get on the bed together.

Bark at you more in June.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Saturday, May 26, 2018

26 MAY 2018

Where has May gone?  Things are still hectic around our den.  We got sick early in the month.  On 10 May we weren't eating.  The next day we had loose stool, threw up and wouldn't eat.  Dad stopped by the our vet Saturday morning.  When they told him they were booked solid and come back Tuesday, Dad told them he was going to call Marathon.  As we were leaving the receptionist ran out and told Dad to come back at 1 PM.  We did that.  Doc told Dad that we had a tummy bug.  We both got a shot, some pills and got some chicken and rice for dinner.  As you can guess we are both doing well.

When Dad was coming home from work on Friday 11 May, he saw a car with a blue merle pup looking out the window.  The window was all the way down.  Next thing Dad knows the pup climbed out the window from the moving car, plop right into the street.  Dad stopped and watched the pup go to the median..  Two ladies pulled over to the curb, got out of the car and ran over to the pup.  When they got to the pup, Dad started driving again.  Dad opens the window enough for a nose to sniff, but no more.  We hope all of you keep your pups safe.

Below are some pawtographs of the pups at Angel Paws.  Some days there are a bunch of pups, others times only us.  We haven't went much the last two days because it has been raining.  Sigh.

Gemini and Sherman Playing
Payton, Bo and Houser
Mogli At The Water Bowl
Mogli and Bo
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Busy April

Bowser, it has been a busy April folks.  There have been a lot of pups at Angel Paws, but Dad keeps forgetting to bring his camera.  Here is a pawtograph of Sherman and our pal Aspen.  Aspen is a big husky puppy.  He is full of energy and loves to try to get Sherman to chase him.  If he really bothers Sherman, than Gemini tries to help Sherman. 
Aspen & Sherman Resting
As for the rest of the month.  April first was Easter and no fooling Dad made us wear the wabbit ears.  The two of us thought the other had hid the ears.  Sigh.
Gemini Wearing Her Easter Collie Ears 
Wow I Think I Hear The Weeds Growing
We then helped Dad get his income taxes done.  We will be getting some biscuits back this year.  On the 15th of April we joined Dog Dad in toasting those brave men and dogs that went down with the Titanic.  On 19 April the Pawsident visited Key West.  Dad got to stay home with us and stayed away from the crowd.  Last week smelled smokey as there was a fire up on Big Pine Key.  It seems like things keep happening.  We kept after Dad and have been going to the dog park.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Sunday, March 25, 2018


Cyberpaw pals, we wonder into Angel Paws Friday and we saw Sherman's Doppelganger.  It is a collie visiting from Ohio.  Dad strikes up a conversation quickly and finds out about our visitor.  He is from North West Ohio and has been down here for a couple months.  His name is McGee, which is a pawsome name.  Unfortunately our new collie pal will be departing late next week.  We hope he will come down next year and that we will see him.
McGee Roaming Angel Paws 
McGee Sitting by His Hoomans

At first glance it is hard to tell the two apart.  The things that a Dog Parent see is that Sherman's ears are tipped while McGee's are straight up.  Not quite as big as our Collie Angel Deacon though.  Next was the nose, you can see some white around McGee, while Sherman doesn't have any white.  Last is the tail Sherman's is parallel to the ground, while McGee's forms what Dad calls the Shepherds Crook (up and curved).
Sherman Leads The Way, McGee Follows
For the most of the month we have been laying around Angel Paws or playing with other pups.  Dad has been meaning to post, but keeps forgetting to bring his camera.  Here are a few pawtographs of us resting at Angel Paws.
Gemini Looking Pretty
Sherman Protecting A Tennis Ball
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2018 - Angel Paws Regulars

We finally got Dad to bring his camera and take some pawtographs of the new pups showing up at Angel Paws.  We still see Kira and Bo too.

First there is Sol and Luna, they are American Eskimo dogs.  Sol is the bigger of the two and plays with Gemini.  Usually Luna doesn't want to play with Gemini, but today was an exception.  We are hoping that Luna is finally getting use to Gemini.
Luna and Sol 
Next is Ellie, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier.  She is used to both of us.  She will let Sherman know if he does something wrong.  Ellie will get up on people and loves chasing balls.  Dad told us she reminded him of Ollie.  Many dog moons ago in the year 2009, Ollie would play with Deacon.  Dad smiled a lot when he told us about Ollie, Essex and Deacon.
The last new regular we will talk about is a Bloodhound named Houser.  Houser likes to bark at golf carts and skateboards.  So he sometimes helps Sherman do Fence Patrol  Neither is obsessed with Fence Patrol as Essex.
Our land line isn't working.  We called the phone company and they are working on it.  If need be they will send a phone pawson to our home Thursday.  Dad used the phone check box and there is no signal coming from outside the house.
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini