Friday, May 27, 2016

Remembering Deacon

Dad had a wistful day.  He was remembering Deacon, who passed away suddenly five years ago today.  Deacon would have been 9 years old right now.  Essex told Sherman Dad was really misty eyed that day.  Dad hugged both of us and told us how much he loves us.  He told long tails about Deacon.  Deacon was taller, longer and heavier than Sherman.  He had a bigger nose and pointy ears.  He was a fun loving dog, that everyone loved.  Dad tells us he remembers the past but lives in the present.  The spirit of all his pups that have crossed the bridge live in his heart and mind.  
Angel Collie Deacon Having in Ohio - 2007
While dad was cleaning the yard yesterday, he found a strange object.  It reminded him of a crunched up red whiffle  ball.  The flies were swarming all over the strange object.  That strange object was a stinkhorn mushroom.  Dad threw it in the trash, tell us things were stinky enough.  
Clathrus Crispus
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Busy, Busy Pups

Dad has been really busy.  So much to do, so little time.  A couple weeks ago Tonks and Sky stopped over our house.  The hoomans had dinner and we played.
Sherman, Tonks, Gemini, Sky in the Collies Yard

Gemini, Tonks and Sky Plot on the Deck
Dad thought Sherman caught giardia because of stinky runny poo.  Well it wasn't giardia, it was Captain Hook Worm.  We both got five days of yucks stuff squirted down our throats.  But we have returned to Angel Paws.  The fence is pawsom and we even have a water fountain.  Pawtastic.
A New Green Fence, Pawsome
The Fence Has a Latch
A Water Fountain is an Upgrade
Gemini and Sherman Enjoy Angel Paws
Gemini Rolls in the Grass
We are so happy to be able to go to the dog park.  

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Return of the Collies

Well folks today we returned to Angel Paws.  Things have changed, the fence and polls are green.  We only got to stay for a short time though.  
A Leashed Gate
Dad told us that the fence, that has been there since January 2004 was replaced.  The park wasn't quite done yet, as there was no latch for the front gate.  Dad just tied Sherman's green leash around the Gate to keep us inside.  After about 20 minutes, we went home.  We are happy to know Angel Paws will still be around for quite some time.
Checking Out the Fence Line
Gemini Wants to Play 
Collies Talk About the New Fence
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Great Dog Park Caper

We have not went Angel Paws the last three day.  We have bothered Dad and today we found out why from a little birdie that brought us some pawtographs taken by our pal Peanut.  It seems that either some nefarious felines or some conniving raccoons have ran off with the fence that surrounded Angel Paws.
A Key West Mystery
There is the Table, Where is the Fence
Not going to the park is ruining our social lives and our fun.  Angel Paws is the Howled Grounds where our Essex patrolled the fence and Deacon stole treats out of hooomans pockets.  We are besides ourselves.  What are we going to do?  To Angel Collies Essex and Deacon, help bring back our beloved Angel Paws..

I mean it was early this week the pawtographs below were taken in early May.
Sherman & Gemini Sniffing - Rebar to the right of Gemini 
Sherman & Gemini Walk the Fence Together
Sherman is a Handsome Fella 
Gemini, Tonks & Sherman Making a Plan
Gemini & Sky at Play
We wonder what are pals are up to.  Will our beloved park come back to us.  Dad won't tell us but he doesn't look worried.  By the Great Dane, what is going on..

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Navy Headed North Tomorrow

It is the last day of April and time to say until we meet again to our pal Navy.  His hoomans are leaving in their RV to travel North.  They will be spending time in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Gemini will be bummed out because the two of them constantly wrestle with each other.
Navy and Gemini Wrestling.  They do that a lot.
Sherman will be happy to have control of the fence return to him.  When Gemini and Navy play Sherman will referee at times.  We visited the vet to get new flea and tic medication.  Sherman weighed in at 79 lbs and Gemini 48 lbs.
Sherman Referees 
Gemini will be waiting until October, when Navy returns to Key West.
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Monday, April 18, 2016

Life Got Busy

We've been after Dad to post, but life got busy.  Taxes, house stuff, work stuff, you  name it.
During our extended posting absence our pal Navy was attacked by another dog while on a walk.  He had a puncture wound on his nose, ear and a small piece of his tongue was missing.  After several days Navy came back to the park and does not seem to be suffering any after effects.  His pawrents and us were all worried how this would impact our pal.  Gemini told Navy that a quote from the movie "The Replacements"  - "Chicks did scars!"
"They Still Don't Have Deductions for Dog Biscuits!"
Sherman helped Dad do taxes.  They were sent in the mail several days before they were due.

We have pineapples growing in our yard.  Dad is getting excited as home grown pineapples are pawsome.

Dad was talking to Casey's Dad and found out he was the human that stopped his truck when Gemini slipped out of her collar and gave Dad the big scare back in February.  The other pawtographs are of us living the dream.
Casey Gets a Drink of Water
Sky, Gemini, Sherman & Casey
Gemini in the Back Yard 
Sky, Gemini & Casey by the Water Bowl
Sherman and Gemini continue to have fun playing at the Dog Park and at home.  Gemini is getting bigger and is a fun loving energetic Collie Lass.

Dog Speed

Sherman & Gemini

Thursday, March 31, 2016

31 March 2016

Nothing much going on and it was only Navy and the Collies at Angel Paws.  Navy and Gemini played quite a bit.  I barked, errr refereed.  Then Navy came over to lick my face.  
Navy and Gemini Taking a Break 

DI told Dad we needed some pawtographs because folks want to see the pawtographs of Gemini, me and our pals. 
Pawsome Pawtograph of Navy
Sherman Chilling Out
Dog Speed,