Saturday, January 14, 2017

Somebody's Hero

As we were on our O'dark thirty walk this morning a friendly Australian Cattle Dog decided to follow us the next street over.  Dad noticed didn't see any lights on, a hooman looking for a pup or a collar on the pup.  The pup kept following us, which made us worry.  As we made the final turn towards home, the pup was still following us.  So Dad has us go through the gate into the yard and shut the gate after the pup followed us in.  Dad gave the pup some water and a treat.  The he got into the collie mobile and drove around our walking area hoping to see a hooman looking for their pup.  He met the newspaper man, but he didn't remember a Australian Cattle Dog on the route.
Gemini and Our Visitor 

Dad kept the windows down listen for a voice calling a pup and eyes open.  He saw a person walking but they didn't know the pup.  Dad climbed into bed thinking he would go see the vet to scan for a microchip in the morning.  Then he heard the pup bark.  He wondered if the person passed by calling or had just got home.  As he drove down the street the pup followed us from, he saw a person get off a motorcycle.  He opened the window and asked the lady if she knew anyone that had a Australian Cattle Dog on the street.  She gave a startled look and told Dad it was her pup.  Dad said he was the next street over and would wait outside his house for her, while she got her leash..  

Dad got back home, let us outside in the back yard, and we ran around with the pup.  The lady down the street, Dad waved, she saw her pup and came into the back yard.  She was so thankful, and we barked happily to see another hooman.  The pup was exited to see her.  She petted all the pups, asked what our names were, said what pretty pups we were.  We were in heaven.  She told Dad she was visiting a friend and the pup must have escaped from the fenced in yard.  Dad nodded and said those things happen, thinking about Sherman's 2016 adventure.  We were sad to see her go, but the big smile on Dad's face warmed our hearts.  He said he appreciated our help in getting the pup to follow us into the yard.  We went back inside our home  and Dad tried to get to sleep, but couldn't.  

So yes, we were somebodies hero today.  Dad is yawning as he tries to watch the football game.  We think sleep is getting the upper hand though.

Dog Speed,

Sherman and Gemini

Friday, January 6, 2017

Prayers for Ft. Lauderdale

We have been watching the local news today.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the five people killed, eight injured and all the people trapped at the airport.  Dad has flown out of that airport a number of times and Stevie-Grrrr Wonder has too.  Dad remembers Stevie-Grrr Wonder loosing his airplane ticket at that air port before Essex came to live with him.    Below is a link ab article on this sad event:

It is possible some of our cyber-pals or people we know were at that airport.  There are lot of people we know in that area.  The news coverage reminds Dad of the Oklahoma City Bombing.  He was visiting friends near 45 minutes south of there when that happened.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 in Review

To all a Barky New Year and best wishes for 2017 "The Year of the Rooster."  The year started out much less scary than 2016.  So lets look back at 2016.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

01 January - Sherman's Adventure

11 January - Red Crosses the Rainbow Bridge
Red - December 2014
14 January - Navy adopts Red's Family
15 January - A muddy Gemini
15 February - Truck stops for Gemini

19 February - Gemini is spayed.
Gemini Wearing the Cone with Sherman
22 February - Collie Home gets new fence.

03 March - Gemini returns to Angel Paws.

16-21 March - Miles and Copper stay over our house.

22 March - Terrorist attack in Brussels

16 April - Pope Francis visits refuge camp in Greece

12 May - We report some paw stole the Angel Paws Fence

17 May - We visit Angel Paws and it has a new green fence.
Checking Out Angel Paws New Fence
30 May - 10 June - A trip to Ohio
Gemini in a Pawfect Pawtograph
15 June - Alligator kills small boy at Walt Disney World in Florida

19 June - Cleveland Cavaliers win NBA Championship

01 August - CDC announces travel warning to Miami, Florida due to Zika

19 August - Cassie crosses the Rainbow Bridge
01 October - Gandalf departs Key West to live in central Florida
04 October - Herricane Matthew and Screwworms

03 November - Indians lose World Series Game 7
Sherman is Sad the Tribe Lost
08 November - US Presidential Elections - We pray with Dad for the country

14 November - Super Moon
Super Moon
08 December - John Glenn Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

24 December - We have our first Oplatek Wafer
Oplatek Wafer

Friday, December 30, 2016

Watching Over Dad

The four days after Essexmas, Dad was in bed sick.  It is all Gemini's fault as she barked his ear off after eating the oplatek wafer.  Though she blames me for talking to much to him.  Either way we watched over him those four days

We will post more tomorrow..

Dog Speed,

Sherman and Gemini

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Essexmas 2016

We wish everypaw a very Merry Essexmas.  Things have been busy at our house this December.

Dad has been busy at work this December.  That threw off his Essexmas backing.  He finished that just in time this year.

Miles and Copper are visiting us once again.  Copper is getting better, but is still scared of Dad.  We keep telling Copper that Dad is no Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, but Copper doesn't believe us.  

We made it to the Dog Park this every day this week.  The last two days we left earlier than usual.  Dad went to his neighbors house yesterday for their big Essexmas Eve dinner.  When Dad got back he gave us some oplatek to eat on Christmas Eve.  Dad youngest sister sent him oplatek in the mail.  In accordance to the ancient legend, we woke up Dad and had a conversation with him at midnight.  We told him how happy we wore.  We talked about Essex and Deacon.  Dad gave us a big hug after our long talk with him..
Oplatek Wafer
Then today we accompanied Dad to his friend Ed's home.  We ate before we left and Dad had a pawsome dinner when he got there.  We met Bailey, their daughters pup.  We played a lot.  Right before we left Dad called us.  Low and behold we were in Ed's neighbors yard.  They had left their back gate open.  We gave Dad a big scare.  

We hope all of you had a pawsome Essexmas.

Sherman and Gemini

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Surprise Visitor

A man stopped his bicycle by Angel Paws, opened the gate and walked in.  Dad looked at the man and called his name.  It was one of his friends, he had not seen in many years.  They talked for about an hour.

When we got home we asked about the man.  Dad told us that he was the man, that Dad stayed with when Essex and him evacuated during Herricane Wilma.  That Essex met another pup named Lucy during their stay.  The man and Dad worked together in North Dakota many Dog Moons before Essex came to live with Dad.  We could see memories flooding back into Dad's mind as he smiled.  Dad was not aware his friend was coming as he hadn't checked his pee-mail in awhile.  We hope to see more of the man and listen to Dad tell stories of times long ago and far, far away.
Lucy Crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2010

There were tall tales about Essex, Hurricane Wilma, times in North Dakota.  Weather so cold that you pee would freeze before it hit the ground.  We will have questions and Dad will have answers.  Most of all there will be smiles and hugs.

Dog Speed,

Sherman and Gemini

Monday, November 21, 2016

A Memorable November

We've been busy in Key West.  Dad just seems to be doing one thing after another and time is flying by.

First came the World Series.  Our beloved Cleveland Indians lost in seven games.  We were all sad, but proud that the team made it so far.  Dad was convinced that the Tribe was going to be out in the first round.  How could a team make a run for the championship with so many injured pitchers.  The collies had faith, even though Dad wavered.  It was fun to watch the games with Dad.  We hope the Tribe will hoist a banner in the near future.
Disappointed but Proud of the Tribe
Next came there was the pawsidential election.  Dad wasn't a fan of either candidate.  When election time rolled around Dad told several people "It is time to vote and then pray for the country."  Either way things are going to be interesting here in the US.  Dad wished that Tosca would have made another Presidential Candidate.  However, the Dog Gone Party Candidate has been silent for may years..
2008 - The Doggone Party 
After that we celebrated Veterans Day.  We spent time at Angel Paws and Dad remembered all the veterans to include his pawther.  Sherman relayed to Gemini all the stories that Essex told him.  We both wish we could have met Dog Dad's pawther and mutter.  They both sounded like terrific people.  
Dad's Pawther 1944
The super moon then visited us on 14 November.  We swear we could hear Skye and the Moondance Huskies howling at the moon here in Key West.
Watching the Super Moon Rise at Angel Paws
The weather has been pawsome this month.  The cool weather has made the Collies extra playful.  The morning walks have been brisk.  The last two days, Dad has worn a light jacket.  

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini