Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Buddy Crosses The Bridge

We have been putting this off for a week and it is time to post.

Grand Paw Buddy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 9 January.  Buddy was Grrreat Auntie Essex's brudder, Uncle Deacon's Pawther and my Grand Paw. While I never met Buddy in pawson, Grrreat Auntie used to tell me about how she said good bye to him when she left Holmhaven to live with Dog Dad on 31 December 2003.  Essex, Buddy and their litter mates had fun playing collie games while at Holmhaven.
Buddy Puppy Picture - 2003
Buddy at Holmhaven - 2006
Essex next saw Buddy when she went with Dog Dad to bring Uncle Deacon to Key West on 10 December 2006.  Essex barked me that she remembered all the smells of Holmhaven and wagged her tail when the collie mobile got close.  Buddy and her remember each other and said howl-low when they got there.  Essex and Deacon used to wish Buddy happy barkday.  On 22 May 2010 Buddy left Holmhaven to live with a very special lady in the Keys.  On 9 October 2010, Essex and Deacon got together with Buddy to celebrate an early barkday at a dog park up the Keys.
Grrreat Auntie Essex and Buddy - 2010
Deacon with His Pawther Buddy 
Essex, Deacon and Buddy Leaving the Park
After that they never got together again, but we continued to exchange Barkday greetings with him.  Buddy went to school with his hooman and he loved being around all the school children.  Back in December 2012, we even received this pawsome pawtograph of Buddy with Santa Paws.
2012 - Buddy and Santa Paws
We received the tragic news a couple weeks ago that Grand Paw Buddy crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We were told that around New Years Buddy went to the groomers and had trouble standing.  His hooman understandably went to the vet, who prescribed Deramaxx, which is for arthritis and/or surgical pain.  The next day Grand Paw Buddy wouldn't eat anything and the Deramaxx was stopped immediately.  There was no improvement and then on 9 January, Buddy returned to the vet.  The vet relayed that Grand Paw Buddy had kidney failure and Buddy crossed the Rainbow Bridge that same day.

Lil at Holmhaven checked cyver-paw space about Deramaxx and collies.  This was not the first case listed of a collie having a problem.  She relayed to Dad and the entire Holmhaven Collie Family to make sure Deramaxx was not prescribed for their collies.

Another beloved Collie has crossed over.  Buddy's hooman is in our thoughts and prayers, because it is tough on hoomans when a beloved pup crosses the bridge.

Dog Speed Grand Paw Buddy,

Your Grand Son,


Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 in Review

To all a Barky New Year and best wishes for 2015 "The Year of the Goat."  After reading about Maisey and Wesley, we have hope that Dixie will find her way home.

=  =  =  =  =  =  =  = = = =

09 January - I feel my first earthquake.

19 January - Our Cyber Paw Pal Jasmine of Moondance Huskies crosses the Rainbow Bridge.
Jasmine is on the Right
25 January - I help Dad do a good deed and get our pal Pedro back home after he escapes from his yard.

19 February - Lady I crosses the Rainbow Bridge.
Lady I
20 February - Cousin Brave Star arrives at his furever home.
Cousin Brave Star Resting at His Furever Home
05 March - I arrive in Northern Ohio to meet Dog Dad's siblings.   I experience snow for the first time.
I Love Snow
08 March - Malaysian Airlines flight disappears.  As of today, the flight has not been found.

18 March - Maisy the Beagle is reunited with her hoomans after being missing for almost six years.

24 March - The Collies of the Meadow award us the Sunshine Award.

01 April - Wesley, a Yellow Labrador Retriever, is reunited with his family after being missing since Hurricane Sandy, which happened about 18 months ago.

16 April - The Korean ferry MV Sewol capsizes with 304 of the 476 hoomans aboard perish in this catastrophe.

05 May - Our pal Diane has a new collie, Loki, come to live with her and Gracie in North Florida.
27 June - I meet a new friend Gandalf the border collie puppy.
Me and Gandalf
15 July - Super Typhoon Rammasun strikes the Philippines with tragic results.

17 July - A Malaysia Airlines flight is shot down by a missile over the Ukraine.

20 July - Miles comes to visit for an entire week.
04 August - A Collie named Laddie represents British Service Dogs that served during the World Wars during the 100 year anniversary ceremony of the start of World War I.  My chest puffs out in pride.
09 August - The shooting in Ferguson, Missouri.

17 August - Smoke of the Collies of the Meadow crosses the Rainbow Bridge'
29 August - Over a hundred collies are rescued from a Collie Hoarder near Houston, Texas.

03 September - The Dog Dad of Bailey, Hunter and Chase retires from the Coast Guard.

18 September - Scotland votes to remain in the United Kingdom.  The country of origin for collies is either England or Scotland.

28 September - I introduce my pals Kingo and Gracie.

30 September - First Ebola patient is diagnosed in the United States.

05 October -  My beloved Cleveland Browns record the biggest road comeback in NFL history.  The Browns overcame a 28-3 second quarter deficit to win 29-28.
Beware of the Elf
10 October - Our pals Brooke and Sidney endure Typhoon Vongfong in Okinawa.

21 October - Loki's Mom comes to visit us.  Sadly, neither Gracie or Loki come with her.

12 November - The Rosetta space probe makes the first ever landing on a comet.  

13 -12 November - A massive Polar Vortex moves through the United States.  Freezing weather and massive snowfall is reported.  Sever places experience a typical years snow fall in three days.

25 November - Kiana crosses the Rainbow Bridge.
29 November - I read about the "Battle Buddy Foundation" where dogs help PTSD veterans.

27 December - I watch E:60 on ESPN and see a truly inspiring on Owen an Haatchi,  This story about a boy and his dog is truly pawtastic and worth spending the time to watch.  We found the story on U-Tube and here is the link to that story.

= = = = = = = 

Bowsers a lot of things bad and good happened last year.  What I hope for most is that a tri-color collie puppy come to live with us, so I can teach the pup the "Way of the Collie."  Keep your paws crossed for us.

Dog Speed & Barky New Year,


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Walking Tails

As 2014 is coming to an end, Dad is thinking about Essex and Deacon.  Essex came home with Dad on New Years Eve, so he thinks about her more.  Most of his memories of Essex and Deacon make Dad smile.
As we were barking with each other and Dad mentioned that myself, Essex and Deacon have all had different walking tails.  I asked him to explain and he told me that Great Auntie Essex typically walked with her tail down.  While Uncle Deacon walked tail up, and that his tail reminded Dad of a "crook" the hooked staff that a shepherd used.  It reminded Dad of a sashimono, the small banners the samurai used when they went into battle or the Winged Hussars of the Polish-Lithuanian Calvary.  As for me, my tail is in between.  
Essex Was Tail Down
Uncle Deacon Was Tail Up, Like a Shepard's Crook
My Tail Is In Between
My Walking Tail
Dear cyber-paw pals, what is your walking tail? 

Dog Speed,


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Essexmas 2014

Merry Essexmas to all.  We hope everypaw had a fantastic day.  Dad has been busy with phone calls and visiting friends.  This year he has been late with everything.  To tell the truth it is hard to get in the Essexmas mood without the threat of snow and a chill in the air.
Merry Essexmas to All
I got some dog treats, which are always pawsome to receive.  I gave Dad a big face lick.  Dad went across the street last night to visit his friends.  They have a pig roast every year and there are plenty of hoomans at his friends house.

Merry Essexmas to all.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 2014 - Angel Paws

Things are going pawsome at Angel Paws.  I have met new friends.  One of them is Kiwi, who is full of bounce and gets after me to play.  Bella the Boxer shows up sometimes as well.  My pals Red and CC are back for the winter.  I can definitely tell these two twelve year old Labradors have slowed down.
Having Fun at Angel Paws
My Pal Kiwi
Kiwi and Tonks 
CC Sniffing Around
When our visit is done, Dad drives us home in the Collie Mobile.  When he saw me today he just laughed at me.  I looked so happy and content in the back of the truck.  
On the Way Home in the Back of the Collie Mobile
Dog Speed,


Sunday, December 7, 2014

December Seventh

Today is one of those days that Dad always remembers and stops a moment to pray.  Ever since he was a little boy he remember December Seventh.  Essex told me that both Grand Maw and Grand Paw told Dad that they remember where they were the day that Pearl Harbor was attacked. They remember the speech given by FDR.  Here is a link to FDR's speech declaring war on Japan.   A lot of things changed in the world that day.  Over the course of the next four years many young men and women would cross the Rainbow Bridge.
The Battleship Arizona
After Dad left Ohio, he got to travel to Hawaii and see Pearl Harbor.  He visited the Arizona Memorial.  Dog Dad can remember where he has been and doing on previous December Sevenths.  He thinks of how different the world would have been if it never happened.  May we never forget those who gave their lives to protect our country and may the Lord give our leaders the wisdom that has eluded so many of the worlds past leaders.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Dog Dad

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Battle Buddy

I was surfing the cyber-paw space this week and stumbled on an article titled "They Showed His Dog Leaning Against A Door, And Then It All Made Sense To Me."  As we read the article, I could see Dog Dad nodding his head in agreement.  The article was about Service Dogs for Military Veterans.
Sherman With A Special Report 
As we explored further, we found the site for the "Battle Buddy Foundation."  We read the information on the site and I noticed Dog Dad smiling at me.  We know lots of veterans and Dad could easily relate to the article from the people he knows.  We both think it was a pawtastic idea.  Dad knows that a regular dog like me helps him a lot, and he could imagine what trained dog could do for a person with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

We don't remember reading about this in any of our cyber-paw pals blogs.  We hope you enjoy reading about Battle Buddy and find this to be as interesting as Dog Dad and I.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Dog Dad