Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Wolf Moon and Sasha

Dad found out early Sunday that there was going to be a full moon and a lunar eclipse.  So he stayed up late to watch it.  We had plenty of clouds, but every once in awhile there was a gap in the clouds.  So Dad saw the eclipse.  He tried to take pawtographs of the eclipse, but they just didn't turn out.  We did get a pawtograph hours before the eclipse of the full moon through the clouds.  A full moon in January is called a "Wolf Moon."  We were howling mad and told Dad it should be either a Husky Moon or a Collie Moon.
The Wolf Moon at 9:30 PM Outside Our House
We found out the next day that Sasha the Rat Terrorist crossed the Rainbow Bridge earlier on the 20th.  Sasha was good friends with Essex and Deacon.  She had left Key West in March 2011, so neither Sherman or Gemini had met her.  Thinking of Sasha brought back plenty of pawsome memories for Dad.  He told of plenty of them on Monday, while he was off for Martin Luther King Day.  We had to smile about her playing with Deacon and Dad talking about those Days from many Dog Moons ago.  We are sure she is playing with Essex and Deacon.
A Chum of Essex & Deacon, Sasha at Angel Paws
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Taking Care of Dad

Dad was feeling under the weather this weekend.  So we made sure he got some walks and dog park time in.  Dad had plenty of orange juice, chicken noodle soup, NyQuil and a lot of time in the bed.  It seems to be working some.

He still feels out of it. We both of stayed by the foot of the bed watching over Dad.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 In Review

To all of our cyber paw pals a Barky New Year and a pawtastic 2019 "The Year of the Pig.  2018 brought to many bridge crossings and Herricane Michael impacted our collie pals in Panama City.  We hope for a quieter 2019.

= = = = = = = = = =

22 January - Fire at the home of the Moondance Huskies, kittens OJ, Latte and Beloved cross Rainbow Bridge.
Latte and OJ Cross the Rainbow Bridge
24 January - Larry Nassar Sentenced up to 175 years in Prison in Olympic Sex Abuse Scandal. 

31 January - Super Blue Moon and Gemini gets medicine for nose infection.
Gemini Has Nose Issue
09 February - Winter Olympics Open in Seoul, South Korea

14 February - Seventeen Die during Shooting at Majory Stoneman Douglass High School in Parkland, Florida.

27 February - New Dog Pals at Angel Paws Post.
Luna & Sol at Angel Paws
23 March - We meet a Collie named McGee at Angel Paws.
Sherman & McGee at Angel Paws
10 April - Mark Zuckerberg testifies in front of Congress over Facebook data breach

19 April - Pawsident visits Key West.

07 May - Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano eruption begins. 

12 May - Visit Marathon Vet because of Tummy Bug

19 May - Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle.

30 June - Our pals Bo and Howser leaving Key West.
Bo and Howser last day at Angel Paws
15 July - France wins the World Cup.

27 August - Cousin Clyde crosses the Rainbow Bridge.
Cousin Clyde
28 August - Our pals Luke and Oakley leave Key West.

24 September - Sherman has a sprained paw.

10 October - Hurricane Michael strikes the Florida Panhandle and our Collie Pals Gracie and Loki are okay but their house is damaged.
Sherman, Gracie & Loki
27 October - Shooting at Pittsburgh Synagogue.

07 November - Our pal Coral leaves.

08 November- The sixth deadliest wildfire at Camp Fire in Northern California.

26 November - We find out Kyra crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Kyra Crosses the Rainbow Bridge
30 November - George H. W. Bush crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

14 December - Angel Dog Hooter's Mom visits Angel Paws.
Angel Dog Hooter 
21 December - We dog sit our pals Miles and Copper until the 30th
Gemini & Miles
22 December - Partial Government shutdown in US.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Last Post of 2018

Things have been busy.  Our visitors Miles and Copper went back to their homes yesterday.  They were excited and happy to be home.  You can't blame a pup to be happy when they are reunited with their hoomans.  

First Brave Star, AKA Buddy, e-barked us.  He has become the breaker upper of cat fights.  His cat siblings have been getting into squabbles.  If Buddy hears them he gets in between them and breaks it up.  When it comes to cats, we love chasing them. 
Buddy (AKA Brave Star) 
Bart Simpson, Greta Garbo and Buddy
We heard from Brave Star's sister Alyx.  She is doing fine up in Jacksonville, Florida.  She was checking up on us, which made us smile.  Alyx came back to Holmhaven at ten months old and found her furever family.  Her story reminded Dad of Deacon, so it brings a warm smile to his heart.  Alyx loves her family and that smile is proof.
Alyx 2014 - 2018 (Even More Beautiful)
Alyx 2014 top- 2018 
We sure love hearing from relatives. 

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Essex-mas 2018

Merry Essex-mas to cyberpaw land.  Things have been busy around here.  Dad is trying to clean around the house, Miles and Copper are staying with us, Dad did his backing and visiting. 

On Friday 14 December Dad had a blast from the past visit Key West.  Hooter's Mom came to visit Angel Paws with a black lab mix named Rosco P.  Dad and her talked for quite awhile.  Hooter passed away about a year ago and her husband about six months back.  Rosco P. is taking care of her, and there is talk of moving to Alaska.  The visit brought back many memories of Essex and Deacon.  Dad was smiling for several days afterwards.  He thought of young Hooter and Essex playing.  The pups along the fence line and the dirt path that Essex made from fence patrol.
Oreo, Hooter, Essex and Snoopy at Angel Paws
Essex, Daniel and Hooter at the Fence Line
Chloe the Brittany Spaniel visited fur a couple weeks.  Dad found out that Bodie, the Brittany Spaniel crossed the bridge about a year ago.  It was good seeing their hooman, who didn't visit one year because of the screw worms and the next year because of herricane Irma.

We will post more in the next couple of days.  Posting is slow because Dad messed up the camera.

Merry Essexmas,

Sherman & Gemini

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A Sad November

It has been a sad November and we've been intending to post for quite some time.  Life somehow keeps getting in the way though.

First our pal Coral moved away on 7 November.  She was adopted by her hoomans brudder.  The family moved to Hawaii very quickly.  They didn't have time to get Corals paperwork together.  We don't have any good pawtographs of Coral.  Dad's camera broke and we need a new one to record our adventures.
Dad found out yesterday that our pal Kyra crossed the Rainbow Bridge shortly after Coral moved away.  Dad saw her hooman and was wondering why he hadn't seen the two of them for awhile.  Her crossing reminded Dad of his beloved Deacon.  Both Kyra and Deacon crossed at a young age.  He remembers how hard that was on him.  He was told heat stroke.  Dad could see that because Kyra could be obsessed like Great Auntie Essex.  Both were pups that required the hoomans to set the limits because the pups would ignore the need to slow down.  We remember meeting Kyra right after we came back after Herricane Irma.  Kyra will be missed by all of the Angel Paws Park regulars.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Collieween 2018

Collieween is Dog Dad's favorite day in Key West.  A lot of the neighbors are outside and the little hoomans and there pawrents are in the streets.  Dad bought 16 bags of candy this year.  He got outside of the house at 6:15 and by 8:15 all the candy was gone.  Dad figures he had at least 240 visitors.  
We Love This Pawtograph
We get stuck in the back bedroom because we loose our minds.  Dad is sure we would scare all the little hoomans with all our barking.  While we don't like being in the room, we like having a happy Dog Dad.

Tomorrow things will be back to normal.  Dog Park and staying by Dad's side when he is home.  In the next two months Dad will be taking three weeks of vacation.  Time to chill with his best pals (us of course).  Straighten out the house.

We will hopefully have some visitors too.  Gracie, Loki and their Dog Mom will hopefully be stopping by to recoup.  Their home had bad roof damaged from Herricane Michael.  Their Mom is trying to salvage some of their things and work with the insurance company.  When things are more settled they promised to stop by and visit.  Their Mom will need the decompression time.  Dad is calm and is a good listener.  

We will try to post more the coming months.  Dad's old camera is really temperamental and he intends to buy a new one.  Having new pawtagraphs of us to share should get him in the mood.

Dog speed,

Sherman & Gemini