Sunday, April 19, 2015

OKC - 19 April 1995

Dad was thinking about writing about our visitors and snowbird friends that have went back north, when he stumbled on an article about Oklahoma City twenty years ago today.  Dad had darker hair, was a lot thinner and didn't have any collies then.  He sat down, then told me and our house guests about that day.

Dad was on vacation visiting his pals in Oklahoma and was staying at his good friends Homer's house in Noble, Oklahoma.  It was a Wednesday morning and he had just woken up from sleeping on the couch and turned on the TV . Minutes later regular broadcasts are interrupted and reports come in.  There was a bombing at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, which was about 30 miles to the north.  The reports were chaotic as the news reporters tried to get a handle on the event.  Things like this do not happen in Oklahoma.  The people of Oklahoma responded by trying to help each other, they don't wait for the Federal Government.

Dad wanted to do something too.  He realized that first responders would be there, the roads would be crowded and he lacked the expertise needed.  He had decided to wait a day before calling his Mom & Dad as he correctly figured the phone lines would be overwhelmed.  Those lines needed to open for the emergency personnel.  His pawrents knew he was not in OKC.  The TV reporters announced that they would need blood.  The next day, Dad gave blood for the first time the next day and called his pawrents.
Dad Didn't Expect Anything but Received this Certificate
He was drawn like a moth to a flame as Oklahoma City TV stations covering the story.  Like many he watched the developing story.  The first reports speculated a person of middle east descent.  An airplane even returned so a suspect could be questioned.  Then reporters though it might be the drug cartels.
The Black Box Is Where Noble Is Located
The real culprit was stopped on the interstate 90 minutes after the bombing for not having a licence plate on his car.  Sadly, the culprit was a military veteran from the Persian Gulf War that had been awarded the Bronze Star.  The United States changed a lot those days and would change even more over the following years.

Dad will always remember that time and I will remember him telling us the story.


Paw Ssss - We'll talk about visitors tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Power of Sherm

This morning I gave Dad a scare.  We were out walking and approaching the house were me and the boxer bark at each other.  I run forward and suddenly Dad is holding only the handle of our flexi-leash. Dad yells "Sherman Stop" and much to his amazement I stopped.
Me and the Broken Leash
The Broken Handle, Bowsers I Am A Strong Collie
I look down and see the strange thing following me.  It has followed me before in the house but never when we were out for a walk.  I am startled by it, but not freaked out.  I wait for Dad to walk over.  He grabs the body of plastic portion and we walk the other way.  When we get home, Dad breathes a sigh of relief.

He told me he was proud that I listened to him and how I must be a really strong collie.  Then Dad starts to a new version of an old cartoon song called "Hercules."  He changed the lyrics just for me.

Here is a link to the a video clip containing theme from the ancient cartoon song "Hercules," so you know what the song sounded like.

Here is Dad's lyrics.

"Sherm the dog, collie of song and story.
Sherm the dog, winner of puppy glory.
Fighting for the right,
Fighting with his might,
With the strength of ten, ordinary dogs.
Sherm the dog, people are safe when near him.
Sherm the dog, only the evil fear him.
Softness in his eyes,
Iron in his thighs,
Virtue in his heart,
Fire in every part,
Of the Mighty Sherm the dog."
Dog Speed Cyber-Paw-Pals,


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Barky Easter 2015

Dad and I hope that everypaw had a pawtastic Easter.

I wore the traditional Easter Collie Ears.  If it wasn't for getting treats, I would be embarrassed.  It makes Dog Dad smile, so it is okay in my book.
The Easter Collie
Dad frosted the traditional lamb cake.  Then much to my surprise we had company!  It was Tonks and her hoomans, and a nice hooman named Tyler.  They had ham, pineapple, Hawaiian rolls, candies yams, salad for their meal.  Tonks and I had some treats and even some ham.
Lamb Cake
While the hoomans talked and watch some 30 for 30 episodes, Tonks and I played inside and outside.  Later in the day I went to the dog park, where Bella, Bella, CC and Red were there.  So I got plenty of exercise.

Hope all of you had a blessed and safe Easter.

Sherman & Dog Dad

Monday, March 23, 2015

A Delay

I am in a sad mood today cyber-paw pals.  Dog Dad and I received an e-bark from Loki, Gracie and their Dog Mom.  They are not going to able to make it to Key West this Wednesday.  The trip is delayed until 15 April, the 103rd Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  That is a day that Dog Dad remembers after reading an article about the sinking of the Titanic in the Washington Post about the Titanic Memorial in Washington D.C.  Great Auntie Essex and Uncle Deacon talked about the Titanic in a previous post.  It is strange how certain stories just seem to stay with you.

So while I am a bit upset the visit is delayed, I am still happy they will be coming in April.

Time to get after Dad to clean the house.

Dog Speed,


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Puptrick's Day - 2015

Hope every paw is having a pawtastic St. Puptrick's Day.  Once again Dad got the silly hat and the treats out.  I posed and he took a picture.  I had a good time at Angel Paws Dog park, so it was a good time for me.
Happy St. Puptrick's Day!
I saw this trailer outside our house a couple days ago.  I wonder if we are moving to the moon?  When I asked Dad, he gave me one of low chuckles that let me know everything is all right.  
Moving to the Moon?
Before I leave to eat dinner, I want to send the collie's blessing that Grrreat Auntie Essex taught me today:  "May your tail wag, your belly be full, and may you have a forever family to rub your tummy and scratch behind you ears"

Happy St. Puptrick's Day,


Monday, March 16, 2015

Visitors Coming Next Week

I am so excited folks.  Dad's friend from North Florida is coming and she is planning on bringing both of her collies.  I haven't met either Loki or Gracie, but I smelled them both when she visited us late October.
Visitor's Next Week - Pawtastic
It will be nice to have two other collies to play with for around a week.  I have been pupervising Dad clean up the house.  You know us males, we can live in a disaster area.

Hey Dad, you missed a spot.

Dog Speed,


Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Visitor

I am having a pawtastic visitor over for the weekend.  I figured it was going to be a fuddy duddy pup visiting.  To my surprise it was Gandalf.  Me and Gandalf did a lot of playing and chasing in my back yard.  I came in the house tired and Gandalf still wanted to play.  Bowsers, I wonder if I was like that when I was young.
Wrestling With Gandalf
More Canine Wrestling
Bowsers, I'm Tired
Gandalf Doing a Sniff Check of My Yard
Dog Speed,