Sunday, December 10, 2017

Well cyber paw pals a cold front has moved through Key West and we are loving it.  The temperature is 59 Fahrenheit outside, which is cold for Key West.  It is a pawsome temperature for collies.  We were running around and playing this morning, then more of the same at Angel Paws.

The week was pawsome as Dad didn't go to work.  He spent time with us and did his Essexmas baking.  Five different types of cookies, a flan and an angel food cake.  It kept Dad busy and the smells were pawsome.

Dad will be off between Essexmas and New Years.  We will be looking forward to that. 

We promise to post more soon.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Chilling Out

Gemini decided to wear one of Dad's favorite hats.  It keeps the sun out of the eyes.

Things are going okay in Key West.  Brudder Steve called to report that Rocky crossed the Rainbow Bridge.   Never easy on hoomans when fur-ever friend crosses the bridge. 

There is good news in our home.  Dad is taking next week off so he can do his Essexmas backing.  We know all our friends will enjoy eating them.  We told Dad we have an order of cheddar collies.  We will see if he makes them for us.

Dog Speed,

Sherman &  Gemini

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bo & Kira

There are new regular paws at Angel Paws.  The first is Kira, the black German Shepherd.  Kira likes to chase after her ball and rarely plays with the other pups.  She is a good pup that gets along with every paw.
Kira With Her Ball
Then there is Bo the Collie.  You may remember that we met Bo way back in May.  We thought he left, but then this month we started to see him again.  Bo's lean frame and ears reminds Dad of Deacon.  He is quite a handsome collie.

Bo Sure Is a Pawsome Looking Pup
As you can tell he is a lot taller than Sherman.  It took about two weeks before Gemini felt comfortable around him.  Then Gemini tends to be very cautious around new pups.  
Bo Sure Is Taller Than Sherman
Gemini Keeps An Eye On Bo
Dog Speed,

Sherman and Gemini

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

It was a pretty good Thanksgiving.  Dad was off and told us tails of a trip to Ohio by Essex and Deacon back in 2009.  They traveled north to Ohio to see Dad's Pawther, who was born close to Thanksgiving.  The barkday cake had a turkey on it, BOL. 
Thanksgiving 2009
Dad enjoyed thinking of happy thoughts of his family. Then there was the story of Essex and Deacon playing in the snow.  Those two luck pups ate turkey too.  When Dad took them out for a walk in the snow, they both pooped.  Dad claimed it could kill a buzzard from 200 feet away.  BOL.

Dad spent time with friends and us.  As for Sherman's foot, he is doing well.

Dog Speed,

Sherman and Gemini

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sore Spot

Dad took me to the vet Saturday.  He noticed me licking my right rear paw.  When he looked closely, he noticed a sore between my toes.  Dad is putting on my hurt spot.  I told him that I was okay but Dad would have none of it.  Sigh. 

Dad has been a little sad today, so Gemini and I did our best to cheer him up.  Four years ago today Essex crossed the bridge.  When we started to lick his face Dad smiled at us.  Nothing like collie kisses to lift the blues.

Dog Speed,


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Collieween 2017

Collieween is Dad's favorite day in Key West.  Unlike many years we had candy left over.  Unfortunately none of them are dog biscuits.  We went through fourteen bags of candy.  Dad bought sixteen.  We were both put into the bedroom.  Something about loosing our minds and barking to much.  Dad smiled a ton because he thought of Collieween's past.  Being with Essex after Herricane Wilma, having his friends over the one year and them making balloon animals and swords, having various friends help give away candy.  We could feel the warm glow of happy memories coming from Dog Dad.

Our home is getting back to normal.  Dad took last week off and avoided downtown and Fantasy Fest.  We prefer the dog park to downtown.  We helped Dad clean up around the house some and watched "Band of Brothers" on TV.  We count our blessings after Herricane Irma.  Outside of the yard, things are pawsome.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Friday, October 13, 2017

Early October Adventure

We are doing well cyber pals.  Things quickly progressed in getting better, but there were some hurdles.  
Leaning Pole Is Not A Good Thing
As Dad was cleaning up in one the back yard on the 28th he brushed up against a pole and felt his skin tingle.  He looked up at the pole and noticed it was crooked.  Yep, electric current.  He called the Electric Company, when they didn't show up he emailed them a picture on Sunday 1 October.  Dad went to work on the second, when he came home he noted the electric company had disconnected him.  He called and the told him that he needed to get an electrician, because the problem was at his end. He got hold of one and the told they might make it late Tuesday, but more likely Wednesday morning.  
They Pushed The Pole Over
A Broken Bracket
Dad got a room at the lodge and we stayed there Monday and Tuesday night.  They didn't have a room Wednesday night.  The electricians came over at 8 AM and were done by 11 AM.  They called the electric company and Dad waited a couple hours before calling them.  When he talked to the electric company Dad was told it would be 2-3 days before he would get power.  His heart sank.  He figured it was cool enough that he would sleep in the house and went out to eat.  When he was coming back he was following an electric company truck.  The truck pulled up and we had power by (:30 PM.  We were a happy pack.  

Yard cleanup is going well.  It will take some time.  There is a lot more light and you can see things we never noticed before.  We are seeing pups more often at Angel Paws, so we are happy.

Today Dad is happy, but wistful.  It would have been Essex's 14th barkday today.  He thinks about her and Deacon at times.  He misses them both, but he smiles when he sees us.  We think both of those two Angel Collies protected our home and our pack.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini