Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Gemini Is Two

When Dad got out of bed he started singing Happy Barkday to me.  I am now two years old.  The two of us got some extra treats before Dad left for work.  When he got home, Dad hugged me some more.  Then he put out our dinner.  Then he put this silly hat on my head.  Sherman told me it is a tradition in out home. 

Gemini Wearing the Barkday Hat
After wards it was off to Angel Paws.  I got to romp around with a new chum named Maverick.  It is the second time Maverick has been there, so I am not real sure about him.  Maverick is six months old Golden Retriever - Irish Setter mix.  We hope to see more of him at the park.
Dog  Speed,

The Barkday Girl, 

Gemini Octavia

Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Lazy June Day

June has been pretty non-eventful here in Key West.  Sometimes there are pups at Angel Paws, other times there is no paw but us.  Sigh
Today a new pup named Henry showed up.  He chased a little bit but not to much.  When Dad heard the name he kept thinking about that candy bar, named Oh Henry.  That is okay with Sherman, who only want to bark at things on a trailer.  Gemini wants to have some paw to play with.  We will post again for sure on Tuesday.
Gemini, Rolling in the Grass
Gemini Looking Pretty at Angel Paws 
Sherman is Just Sniffing
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Monday, June 5, 2017

Sherman Is Six

I woke up this morning to Dog Dad singing me Happy Barkday.  We went for a long walk and I got extra treats.  When Dad got back from work I got a treat and we went to Angel Paws Dog Park.  Unfortunately now other paws were there.  When we got back home, Gemini and I licked up some Dog Ice Cream.  That tasted really good.  I got plenty of ear scratches and butt rubs.  
Sherman The Barkday Dog
We wish our pals Tonks, Sky and Sora were here.  On 1 June their pack went to live in Mount Dora in Central Florida.  We will miss them.
Gemini, Sora and Sky

While we don't have our paw pals to celebrate my sixth barkday.  Gemini and Dad are here.  That is good enough for this pup.

Dog Speed,


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dog Flu

Sherman Now Brings You An Important News Bulletin
We received an email from our breeder Mom Lil at Holmhaven Collies.  She alerted us and other Holmhaven Collies of a recent outbreak of Dog Flu in Florida and Georgia.  

According to a different article pups attending dog shows in Perry, GA and Deland, FL came down with Dog Flu.

Dog flue is airborne and spread by other dogs coughing, barking and sneezing.  However, it can also be spread by contaminated objects like water bowls, collars and even by hoomans that have had contact with a sick pup.  Below are links to some good information about Dog Flu or the recent outbreak.  :

Dog Speed,

Sherman T. Collie

Monday, May 29, 2017

Bo Collie and Visiting Marathon

We have a new friend at Angel Paws, Bo Collie.   He is two years old like Gemini and is an outgoing friendly pup.  We met Bo on 21 May as we were leaving Angel Paws.  Then we got to spend some time with him on 22 and 23 May.  Haven't seen him since then, but his pawrents work odd hours.  We are looking forward to having some pawsome times together.  We were so stoked to meet another collie.  His pawrents weren't sure how he would do in a dog park, but he did fine.  Bo is a tall thin collie with slightly tipped ears.  If his ears were straight he would have reminded Dad more of our Angel Collie Deacon.  
A New Chum - Bo
A Side View of Bo
Gemini, Bo & Sherman Greet Each Other 
We went to Marathon Vet Clinic today.  Gemini didn't eat dinner on Sunday and refused treats in the morning.  Dad thought he was in the clear when Gemini ate some treats that our neighbor gave us, but Gemini upchucked the treats a couple hours later.  While Gemini seemed full of energy, her belly felt tight to Dad and he kept thinking of Essex turning down treats the day she crossed the bridge.  Dad called Marathon Veterinary Hospital for an emergency visit, grabbed our vet binder and we all got in the collie mobile and drove an hour north to Marathon.  We filled out some paperwork, the technicians and Doc Hall checked out Gemini and she even got an X-Ray.  Doc Hall told us Gemini belly felt fine and the x-rays didn't show any obstructions.  Our little girl was a bit gassy though.  Dad held and stroked Gemini while she got two shots.  Gemini was quite the trooper and we are all proud of her.  
Door To Marathon Veterinary Hospital
Gemini in the Visitors Room
All is well now.  Gemini ate her dinner a little while after we got home.   Dad is glad he went, even it did cost extra because it was a holiday.  The peace of mind and not worrying was worth it for Dad.    

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Saturday, May 27, 2017


We are meeting new pups at the dog park which definitely has us excited.  One of the new pups is Winston.  Winston is a spunky corgi mix.  Gemini and Winston will run around the park like crazy.  Dad loves to watch Gemini play with the other pups.
Water Break
Gemini & Winston Playing
Do You Smell What I Smell? 
Sherman will bark at the other pups and does fence patrol when an offending trailer going by.  

We kept Dad happy today, as today is the sixth anniversary of Deacon crossing the rainbow bridge.  I gave Dad some face licks and that took his mind off Deacon.  Gemini helped with some of her antics as well.

We will post again on Monday with an important Dog Park development.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mutter's Day 2017

We hope it was a pawsome Mutter's Day for every paw out there.  This morning Dad talked to us about his Mutter and we thought of ours.  Dad's Mutter had a huge influence on him.  He talked about the things he did as a child.  How when he brought Essex and then Deacon back to Ohio, how his Mutter accepted them both.
Dog Dad's Mutter with Sister Becky
Sherman's Mom Penny
Gemini's Mom Star
It was an easy day of laying around the house, laundry, Sunday chat in the DWB chat room, then the dog park after the heavy rain about 3 PM.  We were the only ones at Angel Paws and it was only a half hour stay.  Dad figured the bugs would come out after the rain.  For the most part Angel Paws have been quiet.  We've only met a few pups when we go.
Sherman & Gemini Chilling Out at Home

Sherman and Gemini at Angel Paws

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Sunday, April 30, 2017


We've tried to get Dad on to post, but there wasn't much going on at Angel Paws and work has kept Dad busy.

We had a pawsome Easter and didn't have to wear the bunny ears this year.  Gemini did a pawsome job of hiding them.
Skye's Urn
On 20 April our good friend and chat room buddy Skye crossed the rainbow bridge.  We can imagine Skye wandering over to talk to angel dogs Essex and Deacon.  They are all watching over their packs.  Skye made it to her 14th Barkday and was about six months older than Essex.  Skye loved to run and pull the sled.  She had lots of fun introducing herself to children.

Then came the NFL draft.  We watched excitedly as the Browns draft players. Unlike many years, we are starting to feel some amount of hope.

Our pal Navy is traveling North.  Going to Nebraska than to Bar Harbor, Maine.  He will enjoy the cooler weather.  Navy will return to Key West in October.

Today during morning chat, Gemini came into the computer room and nudged Dad.  Dad figured she wanted to go outside.  Dad got distracted and didn't turn down the heat on the percolator.  Dad took the percolator off the stove ran some water on it.  The stove is okay, but the plastic basket to hold the grounds melted.  Dad gave Gemini a hug and treat for looking out for the pack.

Sherman's fur is growing back on his leg.  Several more weeks and you want be able to tell it was shaved.

Dog Speed,

Sherman and Gemini

Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Puptricks 2017

Happy St. Puptricks Day to all.  It is Gemini's turn to wear the silly green hat.  We are having a pawsome St. Puptricks Day.
Happy St. Puptricks Day
There is a lot to celebrate today.  We came on this pawsome article about those evil screwworms in cyber-paw space.  After reading it, our entire pack started to dance and sing this song.

"Ding-dong the screwworms are gone.  Which screwworms?  The wicked screwworms. 
Ding-dong the wicked screwworms are gone. 
Wake up, you sleepy dog, rub your nose, get out of bed.
Wake up, the evil screwworms are dead!
They've gone were the goblins go below, below, below, yo ho.
Ding-dong the merry-oh, bark it high, bark it low.
Let them know

The Evil Screwworms are gone!"

Dog Speed,

Sherman, Gemini & Dog Dad

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tourist Guide

We were two happy collies at our home.  Dad's sister Becky came to visit.  She came in on the 2 March and left 7 March.  Dad took vacation while his sister was in town.  We had two hoomans to watch over, which was pawtastic.  
2 March - Resting Before Visitor Arrives
The week started rough for Dad as he got a huge bump on his neck on Tuesday, 28 February.  It didn't hurt so he gave it day to subside.  He ended up seeing the doctor on 2 March before Becky arrived.  The doc gave Dad antibiotics.  The silly thing started leaking late Friday and Dad saw the doctor Monday.  He lanced the spot and drained out the puss.  Becky played Mom asking the doctor all kinds of question.  The area is healing and getting smaller.  Doc told them it was a cyst.
Dad's Cyst
The week promised to be windy, so the hoomans went on a glass bottom boat tour on Friday morning.  As it turned out that was the only time the boat went out while Becky was here.  High winds kept the boat from going out.  
Six Toed Cat Tracks
Sleeping Six Toed Cats
On Saturday they went on the sight seeing trolley and visited the Mel Fisher Museum, the Little White House and Hemingway's house.  When they came back in we gave them a thorough sniffing as they smelled like cats!  Sunday they went to church, saw the Southern Most Point and visited the Butterfly Museum.  Dad got a blister on his foot. BOL.  Then came Monday and Becky saw the Botanical Gardens and then went to the Doctor with Dad.
Becky Taking a Pawtograph 
The Flamingos Were Loud
Wonder If Any Teenage Mutant Turtles Crossed Here?
Becky left Tuesday morning.  Dad straightened up the house and our world returned to normal.  It was good having visitors.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sherman Is Doing Well

I am happy to report that Sherman is doing pawsome.  Rather than the typical one big meal, we got two smaller meals on Friday.  Sherman ate all his food and didn't throw up.  Dad is thrilled to see the happy intelligent eyes when Sherman looks at him.  When he got up the last two mornings Dad gave Sherman a big hug.

The only bad parts are that Doc told Dad that Sherman had to take some pills and needed take it easy.  So I went to Angel Paws, while Sherman had to watch the house Thursday-Saturday.  I did a pawtastic job of barking that to.Sherman..

Both Dad and I are happy to have Sherman back to his normal.  Sherman gave Dad's face a pawtastic tongue bath.  Yep our Shermie is well.     

Dog Speed,


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sherman Vet Visit

When Dad woke up at O'Dark Thirty, he saw a tired Sherman that was up for a walk..  Uncle Sherman uncharacteristically didn't set the pace and was slow.  About 2/3 of the way through the Sherman decided to rest.  When we got home, Sherman still wasn't hungry or thirsty.  Dad told me we were definitely going to see Doc Waddell.   Dad went to work but came back early, because he just kept thinking about Sherman. Sherman was still not himself. A couple hours later, we got in the Collie Mobile and headed off to our vet.

Doc Waddell checked Sherman out.  He felt his tummy, did blood tests and took his temperature.  Doc said Sherman was running a temperature of 104 F, which made Dad worried until he found out dogs normally have a temperature of 102 F.  We found out the blood test showed no surprises.  Sherman got an x-ray, which we will see the results tomorrow.  Sherman was dehydrated, so he got an IV for fluids and a shot of medicine to break the fever.  While Sherman wasn't with us I whined and carried on.  I even jumped up on Dad and told him I was worried.  Dad did his best to console me, but I was worried.  When Sherman finally got out of the back room, my tail wagged.  Dad got some pills to give Sherman too.
They Gave Sherman a Cute Bandage
Doc told Dad to get some soft food to make a broth for Sherman tonight. That will hopefully get his tummy back in action.  Dad has to watch Sherman's water intake and make sure he takes it easy.

After we got home, Dad spent some time with both of us, then I got to go to Angel Paws while Sherman stayed home.  I played some, but I thought about our Sherman.  When we got home, I went up to him to make sure he felt better.  Sherman looks a lot better and we'll be keeping a close eye on him the next few days.

Dog Speed,


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Worried About Sherman

Dad and I are worried about Sherman.  When we woke up this morning to go for our walk Dad noticed that one of us had thrown up our dinner.  Dad fed us a 6 PM and went to be around 9:30, so he wasn't sure who it was.  We got done with our walk and Dad showered.

He got out the treats and noticed that I gobbled it down, while Sherman wasn't real interested.  Sherman slowly ate his two treats.  This worried us because Sherman usually is quick to eat treats.  When Dad got back home from work, Sherman seemed a little slow, Dad saw he vomited up his treats too.  When he offered some cheese, Sherman refused.  Dad felt Sherman's tummy and it was soft.  Dad called our vet and has an appointment for tomorrow.
Sherman is Not Acting Normal
Sherman is drinking water (good sign) but isn't hungry (worries Dad).  We went to the park, Sherman seems sluggish but chased after a trailer at a slower pace.  Dad is going through his mind things that have went on.  On the 14th he gave both of us some Drontal Plus because he noticed what looked like little rice grains in Sherman's stool.  That is a sign of tape worms, so we both took that pill after Dad checked out cyber-paw space to see if Drontal was bad for collies.  Dad is discounting the pills because that was eight days ago.

Sherman showed some energy at Angel Paws and is drinking water, so Dad is comfortable with the wait.  However, not eating and throwing up concerns Dad.  Unlike Great Great Auntie Essex, who would at times not eat and would even refuse a treat, Sherman has never refused a treat.  So Dad is worried but not in a panic.

We'll see what Doc tells us tomorrow.

Dog Speed,


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Doing Well

It has been awhile since our last post.  We've intended to post, but then something would come up.  That and nothing exciting has happened lately.  Except for maybe gnawing on our Sunday bone.
Gemini Looking Pretty
Our pal Navy has been hit and miss at the dog park. Sometimes there have been several pups at Angel Paws and other times it is just us. 
Gnawing On Our Sunday Bone
At home Dad is trying to clean up the house and yard.  His youngest sister is coming to visit in early March.  It should be fun as Dad is taking vacation and we love having company over.

If we can remind Dad to bring his camera along, we'll get some pawtographs of the Dog Park.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini  

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Somebody's Hero

As we were on our O'dark thirty walk this morning a friendly Australian Cattle Dog decided to follow us the next street over.  Dad noticed didn't see any lights on, a hooman looking for a pup or a collar on the pup.  The pup kept following us, which made us worry.  As we made the final turn towards home, the pup was still following us.  So Dad has us go through the gate into the yard and shut the gate after the pup followed us in.  Dad gave the pup some water and a treat.  The he got into the collie mobile and drove around our walking area hoping to see a hooman looking for their pup.  He met the newspaper man, but he didn't remember a Australian Cattle Dog on the route.
Gemini and Our Visitor 

Dad kept the windows down listen for a voice calling a pup and eyes open.  He saw a person walking but they didn't know the pup.  Dad climbed into bed thinking he would go see the vet to scan for a microchip in the morning.  Then he heard the pup bark.  He wondered if the person passed by calling or had just got home.  As he drove down the street the pup followed us from, he saw a person get off a motorcycle.  He opened the window and asked the lady if she knew anyone that had a Australian Cattle Dog on the street.  She gave a startled look and told Dad it was her pup.  Dad said he was the next street over and would wait outside his house for her, while she got her leash..  

Dad got back home, let us outside in the back yard, and we ran around with the pup.  The lady down the street, Dad waved, she saw her pup and came into the back yard.  She was so thankful, and we barked happily to see another hooman.  The pup was exited to see her.  She petted all the pups, asked what our names were, said what pretty pups we were.  We were in heaven.  She told Dad she was visiting a friend and the pup must have escaped from the fenced in yard.  Dad nodded and said those things happen, thinking about Sherman's 2016 adventure.  We were sad to see her go, but the big smile on Dad's face warmed our hearts.  He said he appreciated our help in getting the pup to follow us into the yard.  We went back inside our home  and Dad tried to get to sleep, but couldn't.  

So yes, we were somebodies hero today.  Dad is yawning as he tries to watch the football game.  We think sleep is getting the upper hand though.

Dog Speed,

Sherman and Gemini

Friday, January 6, 2017

Prayers for Ft. Lauderdale

We have been watching the local news today.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the five people killed, eight injured and all the people trapped at the airport.  Dad has flown out of that airport a number of times and Stevie-Grrrr Wonder has too.  Dad remembers Stevie-Grrr Wonder loosing his airplane ticket at that air port before Essex came to live with him.    Below is a link ab article on this sad event:  http://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/01/06/shooting-reported-fort-lauderdale-hollywood-international-airport/21649480/

It is possible some of our cyber-pals or people we know were at that airport.  There are lot of people we know in that area.  The news coverage reminds Dad of the Oklahoma City Bombing.  He was visiting friends near 45 minutes south of there when that happened.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 in Review

To all a Barky New Year and best wishes for 2017 "The Year of the Rooster."  The year started out much less scary than 2016.  So lets look back at 2016.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

01 January - Sherman's Adventure

11 January - Red Crosses the Rainbow Bridge
Red - December 2014
14 January - Navy adopts Red's Family
15 January - A muddy Gemini
15 February - Truck stops for Gemini

19 February - Gemini is spayed.
Gemini Wearing the Cone with Sherman
22 February - Collie Home gets new fence.

03 March - Gemini returns to Angel Paws.

16-21 March - Miles and Copper stay over our house.

22 March - Terrorist attack in Brussels

16 April - Pope Francis visits refuge camp in Greece

12 May - We report some paw stole the Angel Paws Fence

17 May - We visit Angel Paws and it has a new green fence.
Checking Out Angel Paws New Fence
30 May - 10 June - A trip to Ohio
Gemini in a Pawfect Pawtograph
15 June - Alligator kills small boy at Walt Disney World in Florida

19 June - Cleveland Cavaliers win NBA Championship

01 August - CDC announces travel warning to Miami, Florida due to Zika

19 August - Cassie crosses the Rainbow Bridge
01 October - Gandalf departs Key West to live in central Florida
04 October - Herricane Matthew and Screwworms

03 November - Indians lose World Series Game 7
Sherman is Sad the Tribe Lost
08 November - US Presidential Elections - We pray with Dad for the country

14 November - Super Moon
Super Moon
08 December - John Glenn Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

24 December - We have our first Oplatek Wafer
Oplatek Wafer