Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Collieween 2017

Collieween is Dad's favorite day in Key West.  Unlike many years we had candy left over.  Unfortunately none of them are dog biscuits.  We went through fourteen bags of candy.  Dad bought sixteen.  We were both put into the bedroom.  Something about loosing our minds and barking to much.  Dad smiled a ton because he thought of Collieween's past.  Being with Essex after Herricane Wilma, having his friends over the one year and them making balloon animals and swords, having various friends help give away candy.  We could feel the warm glow of happy memories coming from Dog Dad.

Our home is getting back to normal.  Dad took last week off and avoided downtown and Fantasy Fest.  We prefer the dog park to downtown.  We helped Dad clean up around the house some and watched "Band of Brothers" on TV.  We count our blessings after Herricane Irma.  Outside of the yard, things are pawsome.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini


StevieGrrrWonder said...

We bought 3 bags with 110 pieces of candy each and only used one bag. We gave each kid 2 pieces and had 49 kids. Had a few pieces leftover from that bag, but we've never given away any more that 2 bags. We secretly always plan to have 1 bag leftover for ourselves, but now we got 2! We'll b eating candy until well after Christmas. Glad things r getting back to normal after Irma. It's a lotta work to clean up after a hurricane. It just takes lotta time. Good luck and God bless with a speedy completion :-)

Sheltie Times said...

Our neighborhood used to be the go to neighborhood in town and we'd go through lots of candy bags. Parents used to drive here and drop the kids off. This year we had a drop off.

Dog Dad took the extra candy to work to drop off for the candy drive for soldiers.