Thursday, February 14, 2008

Paw Prints in the Snow

Happy Valentine's Day every paw. That is us to the right on our road trip from Key West to the Cleveland, Ohio area. For most of the trip we were such well behaved Collies. We would like to share this poem we barked in memory of our Dad's Mom, who passed away in January. It our way of showing our love for those that have crossed the rainbow bridge and we now remember. When we went to Ohio, it snowed five days in a row, and we got to leave our paw prints in the snow. Enjoy.

We remember when we were little,
a time you were not frail and brittle.
As a pup, we were full of fire,
we ran and jumped to hearts desire.
Once we looked down by our toe,
To see a few small paw prints in the snow.

As time went by, we traveled far,
to distant shores, searching for our star.
We gazed at the silent moon above,
our hearts remembering those we love.
Looking back we saw the trail grow,
there were more paw prints in the snow.

At last came the time of your journeys end,
and we couldn’t join you around the last bend.
You huff and puff to cross one last ridge,
now you’ve crossed over the rainbow bridge.
Our loving heart will like an ember glow,
when we think of your paw prints in the snow.

(The Key West Collies)


Jake of Florida said...

Hello Beautiful Key West Collies!!

Paw prints in the snow -- what a lovely image and what a n evocative tribute!!

We hope your Dad is doing OK -- and we know you're taking good care of him.

Give him a special nuzzle on Valentine's Day, OK?

Jake and Just Harry

Orable & Charlie said...

Boy, what poetry! You are my heartthrobs! Happy Valentine's Day to you with lots of licks & slobbery smooches & tail wagging!



We are glad both of you enjoyed our poem. Quiet early morning walks in the snow inspires the mind. Then of course we mulled it over for two weeks after getting back in the Keys, trying to get it just right.

Dad is doing fine. We take care of him. A person can find comfort in the eyes of a collie and a warm wet lick.

Essex & Deacon

Jamie & Sunny said...

Very poignant and beautiful. *sniff* Hang in there you 3.

Pacco de Mongrel said...

nice poem... the winter is still around... enjoy all the fun while is still there...

Cynthia Blue said...

Oo you two are so pretty! I hope your trip went well.. I am very sorry about your Dad's Mum. :(