Sunday, April 27, 2008

Accidental Training

Dad said he accidentally trained me, I think he was just helping me with my mission. Every dog should have a mission and mine is fence patrol. I chase off almost every dog that tries to interfere, though the times I tried to do that to two Great Danes and the other time with two St. Bernard’s defied common sense. I bounce Deacon if he gets out of line; I mean fence patrol is my job. I am focused at my job too. How many dogs do you know that have created mounds of dirt at the end of the fence or knocked themselves out by running into a signpost? That hurts just thinking about it.

I digress though, back to the training. Dad would see a bicycle, jogger or that pestilence to dog-kind, the golf cart and I would not be paying attention. He would say “Somebody is sleeping on the job.” I picked up on that real fast cyber-paw pals. Now, when ever he says that, my ears perk up, I look to both sides, find the target and I am off to the races. If we are home I jump up on my Doggie-San chair and look out the window to find out what needs a good barking. Dad is amazed because I picked up all on my own.

Oh, we loved the DWB 2nd Anniversary International Chat Pawty. When I typed my name, it came out ES***. By the Great Dane, I was censored. Deacon BOL when he thinks about it.

Dog Speed,

Es***, grrrr…. Es s e x.

Action shot of Essex
Essex getting up in her Doggie-San Chair
Okay, now where is the target?


Mack said...

Oh what beautiful collies you are!

I don't think it's accidental - you Collies are just super smart!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

You guys are so smart and alert.

Boy n Baby

Gunner said...

Essex, thats awesome!
When I lived in CA I had 5 whole acres to patrol and I loved keepin an eye on the perimeter watchin out for terrorizers!

Ma won't let me 'protect' the condo but hopefully we're gettin a house this summer and I can get back to work!


Jake of Florida said...


We were hoping to find you on the chat -- we were in and out a lot over the weekend 'cause we kept getting booted -- losing the connection -- over and over again. Did you change your names to get in?

Hope all is well, Dogdad's been adding good stuff to our yard, and we just hope that we won't have any big storms to mess it up. May starts our thinking about June, etc., etc., etc. We know you guys understand.