Friday, July 25, 2008

Dog Days at Dog Park

It was a good week at Angel Paws. We ran, chased and had fun. A lot of the pack was around. Murphy was chasing the ball and Essex on fence patrol. Then of course Deacon, Roxy, Mongo and Tyler were chasing and wrestling. PJ would play sometimes and at other times bark at the soccer ball. It has been hot though, so we are all kind of mellow.

A tiny Sheltie named “Casey Ten” came back down to visit us. We barked about her on our 28 March post. She is a tiny Sheltie, maybe 15 lbs. She approached the park the same way again. She was acting all mean and barking coming up to the dog park. Then her Dad opened the fence to let her in. “Casey Ten” was like Dad, these dogs are huge. Suddenly, she was shy and quiet. We all sniffed. She calmed down after about seven minutes because she remembered most of us.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon

L-R, Tyler, Casey Ten, Murphy, Essex and Roxy

Top-Bottom: Roxy, Essex, Casey Ten, PJ

Casey Ten checks out Essex


Bree/Reilly said...

Hey Deacon and Essex, Mom said to tell your Dad that they have those hats and matching t-shirts at target - for all different countries and states - there was even a Florida guys would look very good in those hats and it does keep the sun out of your eyes.....I actually love mine now.

Oh, looks like you had fun at the park!

Princess Eva and Brice said...

It looks like you had a good time at the park. I love dog parks and we hope to take Brice to his first park this weekend.

Princess Eva

Tatum Tot said...

How fun at the park! I love the park, and I love to play with shelties!