Saturday, December 6, 2008

Favorite College Team

We were sitting with Dad on the sofa watching football when he asked Essex, Deacon what is your favorite college team?”

We howled back “Guess.”

He named off “Ohio State, Oklahoma, USC, Florida and Notre Dame.” We rolled our eyes. Then he said “It must be a dog.” Tails wagged. He said “The Washington Huskies, Georgia Bulldogs, Connecticut Huskies, and North Carolina State Wolfpack.” We shook our heads no.

Dad said “I give up, who is your favorite team?” We barked “Texas A&M.”

“The Aggies, why in dogs name are you Aggie fans?” Then we told him about Reveille.

Reveille VII from Wickipedia

Reveille is Texas A&M’s Collie mascot. She is a cadet general, and wears 5 diamonds on her maroon-and-white blanket. All freshmen cadets refer to her as “Miss Rev, ma’am.” She picks a sophomore to be the mascot corporal and Miss Rev goes classes and accompanies him on dates. Reveille has her own cell phone and student identification card. If she decides to sleep on a cadet’s bed, the cadet sleeps on the floor. We looked at Dad. He laughed his friendly low laugh and said “In your dreams guys.”

The story of Reveille started in January 1931. Several members of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie band were returning from a party when they unexpectedly hit a small black and white mixed-breed stray dog. They smuggled her into school, but the dog began barking when “Reveille” was blown by the bugler, thus the origin of her name.

Reveille I from Wickipedia

During the opening football season, Reveille I became the official mascot and led the band onto the field for their half-time performance. During WW II Reveille I was given the rank of Cadet General by the U.S. Army. When she crossed the rainbow bridge on 18 January 1944, a military funeral was held at the football stadium and she was buried at the north entrance facing the scoreboard so she could always watch the score of the game.

Reveille Grave Site from Wickipedia

The students tried but were unable to raise funds for a second dog. An alumnus donated a sheltie, who became Reveille II. Reveille II was the mascot from 1952-1966. “Miss Rev” marched with the Aggie Band during football games and she had a habit of relieving herself on the football field. Bets were often placed as to which yard line.

Reveille III – VIII have been purebred Collies. Some interesting things include when Reveille IV crossed the bridge in 1984 over 10,000 hoomans attended her funeral. Reveille V was mischievous and loved to steal erasers from chalkboards during class. Reveille VI became a movie star in the 1996 film "Reveille, My Life as the Aggie Mascot." Reveille VIII became took over in 2008 and was whelped in Topeka, Kansas. We wonder if Topeka is close to Wichita where Great (Great) Uncle Bobby used to live.

Hmmm, if we start licking Dad’s face and nibbling on his ear, maybe we can get our own cell phone and time on the bed. It is worth a try, right cyber-paw pals?

Dog Speed

Essex & Deacon


with love, Madison said...

That is very interesting! What a gorgeous mascot Reveille makes. Did you know that University of Tennesse has had a bluetick coonhound (cousin of Booker) for a mascot, since 1953, each one named "Smokey."

Ludo van puppy said...

Wow, what an interesting story. Lucky Reveille!

Bree/Reilly said...

That is a wonderful story.....and how cool to have a collie as a mascot. My dad is a traitor to dog kind....he is Penn State supporter and they have a lion as their mascot and lions are cats and I am not to partial to cats. come you guys never visit anymore?

heatnhumidity said...

This is Great Great Uncle Bobby's dog mom. Topeka is about 2.5 hours northest of Wichita. I am glad you guys are having fun in Key West. I was rooting for the 'Gators. Go "Gators beat OU!!! SEC rules!!

tatumtot said...

Wow Reveille II is a very pretty girl in her uniform! How very super cool indeed.