Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We are Alive

Essex at Rest
Egads, Deacon after a shower

Yes, we are still alive and doing well. We have been busy though. Painting, spackling and such. Dad is slow, but it is getting done. He is getting ready to travel north to Ohio tomorrow. We are looking forward to seeing Clyde in Cincinnati. We were hoping to see Hattie & Cassie, but Cassie hurt her leg. Cassie ended up with over 20 staples in her leg and a tendon reattached.

Dad made sure we got a bath today. Something we could have lived without. At Angel Paws the snowbirds are returning. Our good buddy Red has showed up with dog dad in paw. We will enjoy ourselves when we return.
Red returns to Angel Paws.

We are not sure if we'll be able to post during our trip.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon


Asta said...

Essex and Deacon

HAve a sfae twip and come back soon..thank you fow those gweat pictoowes of you
smoochie kisses,ASTA

Kira The BeaWootiful said...

Wooos ! Have a safe and Happy trip! I love going places, most of all have fun and we will be sniffing for woo to come back!
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Reilly The CowSpotDog said...

I was wondering why we hadn't seen your furry noses in a while. Have a safe trip - and enjoy the cold!!!!

Dawn said...

Tell your dog-dad to drive safe! Have a wonderful trip! We'll see you when you get back.

Jake of Florida said...

Bone voyage.

Be safe.

We'll miss you.

Jake and Just Harry

(Loved the photos of you two!!!)

Kess And Her Mama said...

Safe journey! I love your suggestion. Did a google search and looks like lots of people agree with you abt the phrase "For the love of dog"!

Mack said...

Wow you guys get to go with your dad!?! That is totally PAWSOME! Have a safe and fun trip - we can't wait to see some pics!

Josh and Jess said...

We're so glad we're not the only ones who were made to have baths last week!!! Why does one always have to have a bath before going places???

Josh and Jessie