Friday, January 29, 2010

Sad News From Teddy

Cousin Teddy all grown up

Howie & Teddy talking about being a Collie
Essex & Deacon,

I’ve been meaning to e-bark you for quite some time. My mentor and your cousin Howie crossed the rainbow bridge on 25 June. As you know Howie was to turn 10 last September. Unfortunately, he caught pneumonia and at the end he couldn’t even walk. The whole family was upset, especially Dog Mom and me. I was hoping to learn so much more from him and he had made Mom smile during some very tough times. I miss him but I know he would want me to be strong.

As you can see, I have grown up to be a handsome collie. Howie did teach me a lot about the way of the Collie.

Fur-ever your cousin,


= = = = =


Essex knows just how you feel. She really enjoyed being around and learning from Foxy. Foxy crossed the bridge when she was just a really young pup though. We are sure that Howie is with her, Bobby, Mac, Sam, Honey, Charlie, Pudgy and all the other animals that have crossed the bridge. Howie is your guardian angel dog, who watches over your Mom and you. If you are ever in Key West, you are welcome to stay with us during your visit.

We are so proud of you Teddy, you are quite a handsome young collie. Both of us know you will take care of your family. We had hoped to meet Howie and you someday. Howie is now is watching over you and your family. Keep in touch cousin.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon


Mack said...

So sad to hear of Howie's passing.

You are quite the handsome young man now Teddy!

Nat said...

It's always sad when a beloved dog passes :( It must be a hard time for Teddy's family. He certainly is a beautiful collie.

Dawn said...

It's so sad to hear about Howie. I hope Teddy can get by without him. It will be hard on everyone in the family. Best wishes to them all!

Orable said...

it's tough being a puppy who's lost a big pal - Higgins was the luckiest pup in the world to have his big sister Charlie to show him around. Hope Teddy gets lots of support from his collie chums...

oorvi said...

That's sad news from Teddy, and it must've been a very difficult time for the family.

There's no doubt that Teddy is handsome and he seems to be a very responsible dog. I am sure Howie mentored him well.

Licks n wags,

Mary said...

Thank you so much, Teddy and I appreciate all the warmth and comfort from you all reaching out to us at this sad time. It his a heart-wrenching experience losing a beloved and faithful friends. Wishing you all a blessed new year.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're sorry to read about your cousin Howie leaving for the bridge. Purrs and tail wags.

Abby and Aiden said...

Sorry to hear about your cousin Howie. Sending hugs and love.