Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We have been busy trying to catch up with things. It seems like everypaw wants something from us. We want to show you some pictures from our emergency trip to Ohio. The good news was we got to see some of our pals last August.

Next post, we want to introduce some friends to you and bark about the award we got from our cyber-paw pal Kess. In the meanwhile enjoy the paw-to-graphs from our emergency trip to Ohio in August.

Cassie with a Key West Coconut.

Hattie is ready for Vogue.

Resting at Auntie Becky's house.

Essex claims Clyde's bed.

Clyde and Deacon in Cincinnati

Evening clouds in Key West


Ludo van Doggy said...

Some beautiful other collies there!!

Dawn said...

Love the resting photo of the two of you guys curled around each other! That's the best!

Glad you're getting caught up. Enjoy your lovely Key West sunsets!