Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy Days

We are still alive and doing well.  We have just been busy.
We miss having Dad's brudder around.  We enjoyed having him visit us during the Essexmas Holiday Season.  It meant more treat, more walks, more attention, did we say more treats.  Sherman was looking for him after he left. 

Sherman and Brudder Steve
Dad was busy weeding the yard and spraying for ticks.  We are definitely finding less of them.  Dad knows it will be an ongoing war against the evil ticks. 
Ollie, Leo and Sherman tugging on a stick
Sherman was attacked twice by a yellow Labrador Retriever named Major at the dog park.  No serious injuries, just worried dog parents.  The second time, Sherman was trying to stay away and hiding under the park bench.  It might be because Sherman hasn't been fixed yet.  Major has definitely taken a dislike to him though.  Most of the other pups just love him.  We just practice avoidance.
Sherman resting
Sherman has returned to puppy prison.  He decided to not bother to hold his poop.  Dad figured one time he ran lots late, but several times made him decide Sherman didn't care.  So Sherman is now kennelled during the day.  When Dad comes home, he lets us outside before we go to the park.  If he sees Sherman go, both of us get a reward.  Dad hopes this sinks into Sherman's head to hold on till Dad gets home.
Cheddar Collies in the Oven
Cheddar Collies & Peanut Butter Labs

We will try to post again soon.

Essex & Sherman


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Glad you're all okay, even though treat deprived since Christmas. :)

Dianne SS said...

Glad to see you back on the blog again !! We were wondering what happened to you! Poor Sherman--not having a very good time of it--attacked by a nasty dog, then having to do time in dog jail:(
We hope things get back on a more keel soon! Love the collie cookie cutter!!

Duffy and Dianne

Jake of Florida said...

We're sorry Sherman is having such a challenging time. JH sometimes forgets his manners (don't tell Essex), but then he remembers for a while until he forgets again. I'm sure Sherman will figure it out!

Nice to see you again on blogger!

Wirey woofs,


Di said...

Leo loves those cheddar collies! I still feel bad about Sherman being attacked that day - if Leo was there, he'd definitely have defended Sherman.

Dawn said...

Poor Sherman, it's so stressful being perfect! Hope he gets that dog at the park to like him soon, and that he remembers to "wait till Dad gets home!" too!!

Ludo van Doggy said...

You will get it Sherman, just keep trying. Sorry thats you found a dog who doesn't like you, I bet he threatened by your good looks.
~Lickies, Ludo

Shikota said...

We agree with Ludo, Major is jealous! He'd better sink his teeth into a bone or something. Don't make us come down there!! <3 Shiloh & Dakota