Sunday, May 27, 2012

Missing Deacon

A year ago today, Deacon crossed the rainbow bridge.  Essex and Sherman have done an outstanding job of helping me heal; but today a year later, I miss my silly boy.  In many ways Sherman and Deacon are similar yet different. 
Deacon -2011
Physically both are sable and white male collies.  Deacon was a big collie, weighing in at around 84 lbs, Deacon was taller and longer than Sherman.  Sherman weighs about 60 lbs and is just a little taller than Essex.  Deacon was tall enough that he could look out the window, while standing on all fours.  I would frequently see that face looking out the window at me, when I arrived home.  Both were lean collies and not over weight.  Deacon had a half-collar with the white on his right side, his ears stood upright ears and the dark brown around the eyes gave a sad soulful look up close.  Sherman has a full collar, tipped ears and was a cryptorchid.  Deacon had a low solid bark, while Sherman is higher pitched

Deacon, One-Year Old and Bigger than Essex
Sherman is Essex's size
 The two collies have a slightly different personality.  Both extremely outgoing.  Deacon was a more into people than dogs, while Sherman prefers the company of other canines.  Sherman is vocal, barking at the other dogs when he plays, at people when he wants attention.  Deacon was not nearly that vocal.  Both Deacon and Sherman enjoyed standing on the center console of my Ford Explorer during our rides to Angel Paws.  Deacon would nibble and lick my ear when I drove, while Sherman tends to lean on me during the drive. 

Deacon's Tail, High and Curled
Deacon on His Back
Both of them tended to sleep at the side of my bed. Deacon frequently slept on his back, while I don’t remember seeing Sherman doing that.  When we got up in the morning Deacon would tilt his head and give you a quizzical look that seemed to say "Are you ready to go for our walk?" Deacon tended to pull on the leash to smell something or to meet some paw/person. Sherman rarely pulls.  During walks Deacon was excited and his tail was normally raised and curled, it reminded me of a shepherds staff.  Sherman tail is normally low, but does come up some times.  Deacon was more of a Collie Ambassador to those he met on our walks or at the park.  Both loved attention from humans and treats.   Deacon was more mischievous, I can remember him stealing a biscuit out of some persons pocket more than once.  Sherman will sit and bark at you if he wants something. 

Both Essex and Sherman are in the room by me right now.  They can sense my feelings.  Yes, I miss my silly boy.  It has been a year since, he left and thinking about him can result in moist eyes.  Ah, here come Essex and Sherman.  A couple licks to tell me that they love me.  I am lucky to have two good collies like Essex & Sherman.

Deacon's Urn
I found myself talking to Deacon's ashes today.  Telling him how much I missed him.  Wishing his time with me had been longer.  Deke, watch over us and keep your pack safe.

Dog Dad


Jan's Funny Farm said...

We can imagine how much you miss Deacon. It's so hard when they leave. Thankfully, they leave lots of happy memories.

Berts Blog said...

Deacon soudns like a wonderful friend and I am sorry I did't get to know him. I must have come on board after he passed.

The urn is beautiful and I would be talking to it too. Who says what comes after this. I like to beleive in all of us meeting again.


Jake of Florida said...

Moist eyes all around! We know Deacon is there with you!

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

Chris and Ricky said...

It is hard for me to believe it has been an entire year. Hugs to you today as we all remember the great friend that Deacon was.

Asta said...

Mommi and I can undewstand and know what that wecuwwing pain of missing someone is like..thank dog you have Shewman and Essex to help heal and keep the love alive..i know Deacon heaws you when you talk to him and will fuwwevew watch ovew you

I miss Deacon too
smoochie kisses

Dawn said...

Surely it can't be a year already. Deacon was such a wonderful dog. I'm glad you described him in such detail, made me know him better. Eyes a little soggy here too. I'm so sorry he had to go so early. Such a great dog.

Dianne SS said...

Thank you for sharing all those wonderful memories of Deacon and the comparisons between him and Sherman. Deacon is with you in spirit always.

Paige said...

It's hard to believe it's been a year. I miss him so. I love all the pups at Angel Paws but Deacon had a special place in my heart. I'll never forget that awful day when you told me. Teary-eyed thinking about it. He is surely watching out for you and his pack. And he will be waiting to greet all of us on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. xoxoxo