Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Lazy July Day

We have been getting our share of rain.  We wish we could sent that to the states that are in drought to help them out.  It has been hot and humid too.  That means we have been spending time enjoying the air conditioning. 

Dad has been trying to clean up the house and to our amazement, suceeding.  An article he read suggested to use a system, and it suggested cleaning left to right.  He did that in the kitchen and we can see our countertops, and that has been true for two weeks.  Next came the living room, it looks a lot better.

Our friends at the "Collies of the Meadow" awarded us "The Very Inspired Blogger Award."  Given the summer heat and humidity, we think it should have been the very perspired blogger.   We would like to give the award to:
  1 - Reilly & Denny
  2 - Katie and her Mum Dawn King
  3 - Jan's Funny Farm
  4 - Duffy at Collies and Life

Lastly, we regret to say we are going to word verification for awhile.  A spammer decided to keep leaving stuff behind.  We were getting maybe twenty spam emails and posts a day.  It was driving Dad's nutz.  Hopefully, we can return to normal after a month or two.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman


Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

We would gladly have some rain it has been in the 90's here for over a month now......way to hot for us fur babies. Thanks for the award :) oh....we know what you mean about the spam...we delete about 20 a day too

Cotton said...

Hi! Just saw your blog via Two Collies & A Mutt. Congratulations on yous award!!! :)
And BTW, your blog is really nice!!

Anonymous said...

You deserve this and many more awards! Keep up the great posts and sorry about that spammer! God Bless You!

The collies and chuck :)

Dianne SS said...

Our weather is the same now--we went from too dry to too wet in about a week! And now we get lots of rain and it's so humid! Duffy likes the portable air conditioner!That's really too bad about the spammers!! Thank you for the award, we really appreciate it!! And congrat to you for getting the award!!

Duffy and Dianne

Marquie said...

We've been getting a bit (a small bit at a time) of rain, too! Lassie and Petal have been extra fluffy with the humidity. ;P

Congrats on your award! Very well deserved!
Sorry about the spammers, that's always annoying.

You're looking as gorgeous and as handsome as ever, Essex and Sherman!

Sam said...

It's been hot and miserable here and all we've managed to do with the boys are silly little indoor games. We are definitely waiting for winter!


Bailey said...

You guys look like you need a rest.

Sorry about the spammer.

Berts Blog said...

Boy, we would love it if you sent that rain our way. It is all about sharing.

I am sorry you cot a spammer. My Vickie says that you are being very wise, so we don't mind.

Have some sunshiney Sunday on us.


Dawn said...

Hot up here too, and we're not used to it! But we're adjusting. Our grass however is not. It's brown. We sure could use rain. Thanks for the blogger award...I don't think I know how to put it on my blog though! But we'll write up a post about it!~

Glad you guys are doing well..when you get done cleaning can you come up here? We need help just like we need rain! Left to right huh....might just work!