Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Foggy Morning

When we went outside for our morning walk it was foggy.  We all love walking in the fog, it feels so relaxing.  Afterwards we got our dog treats and daily heart worm pills.  Next Dad went off to the grocery store.  Then we e-barked with our pal Skye and Anne in the DWB Chat Room.  We do that just about every Sunday morning.
It Was a Foggy Morning
Then Dad was busy doing laundry, cleaning the house and watching football.  After awhile we went to Angel Paws.  Sadly, none of our pals showed up.  Essex watched for evil golf carts and bicycles.  She barked at a few of them.  Sherman went around sniffing and then sat down by Dad.  As you can tell, his hair is slowly growing back.  We wonder how OJ's hair is coming in.
Sherman's Hair Is Slowly Growing Back
Watching For Evil Golf Carts
Hope all of you had a pawsome Sunday.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

1 comment:

Berts Blog said...

Sherman, the booboo looks really good. Of course with your luxurious coat, it probably goes un noticed anyway.

Keep a good eye out for thos crazy carts and have a nice day.
Bert and My Vickie