Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Good Deed

As we were driving up to Angel Paws we noticed two dogs walking alone by the side of the road.  Bowsers we were concerned.  As we pulled in we noted the pups were near the gate.

Dad got the two of us out and got in the park.  Our pal Red was there with his Dog Dad Joel.  We got to the gate and entered.  Dad was hoping the two Australian Shepherds would follow us in, no such luck.  Joel came up and called the pair in a high voice and one pup entered the park.  The other stayed outside, nuts.  Joel got his leash, called "pup, pup, pup" in the high pitched voice again, the pup hesitated.  Next he sat down and did it again.  The pup came, he noted the pup had no collar, so he looped his leash around her neck and led her in.  The two hoomans, let go a sigh of relief.
One of the Aussies with Essex
Dog Dad didn't recognize the pups and the two of them decided to wait and see if their pawrents would drive by looking for them.  Red's Dad was a Labrador Retriever breeder, a certified pet trainer and even wrote a couple books.  Click here to read what Essex and Deacon wrote about him in a previous post.   Joel told us that he remembered hearing at a conference that if you used a high pitch voice a pup was more likely to come to you.  Essex looked at Dad, and told him she could have told him that.  

The two Aussies explored and played with Sherman, but nobody drove by looking for them.  After about a half hour and they figured they would call the base police.  It was then that Dog Dad thought of his friend and her husband.  He had seen them every once in a Blue Moon walking their two Aussies.  He remember one was named Dakota.  He called out "Dakota" and one pup came to him.  Bowsers, Dad just might have figured it out. 
Montana and Dakota
Exploring Angel Paws
One of the Sisters
Using his cell phone he called his boss, who had the number for base security.  He called security and asked them to call their Dog Mom.  Sure enough it was their pups, Montana and Dakota.  The base police called back and said their Dog Mom wanted to thank both Dog Dads and the two pups Paw was on his way.  When Dakota and Montana's Dog Dad got their, he thanked both Dog Dads more.  

In the end a whole group of hoomans working together like dogs do.  The result was a happy tail.  Dog Dad told us that Dog People tend to look out for each other.  Guess they get a pack mentality from their pups.  We know Dog Dad will go to bed with a smile tonight.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman


StevieGrrrWonder said...

Lucky u were there...the pawrents were probably super worried. Great teamwork and the Aussies were smart too for coming into the park when called. A great ending to a story that could've went terribly wrong :-)

rottrover said...

Hey Sherman and Essex - give your dad extra treats tonight! He was a good human!!

-Bart, Ruby and Otto

Berts Blog said...

Yeah. Paws up for everyone involved.

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

That was a very good deed and thank goodness you figured out who they were and got them home safely. I wonder how they got loose though?

Sam said...

I'm glad there was a happy ending!


Dawn said...

So glad they are safe. How lucky was that...that your Dad was just happening to be there right then and that he KNEW their Mom? Cool!

wisek9 said...

Hi Essex and Sherman,

That was indeed a very good deed :) I've got a general message about the clocks that I am posting here...please excuse the way it's framed, but I need to post it on a lot of blogs :) Do get your new code.

Licks n wags,


I am Oorvi the pup who manufactures the Oodget Dog Clocks (one of these clocks is displayed on your sidebar). As we had to stop hosting the site from which we were earlier serving the clocks, I've got these two humans-o-mine to move the clocks to my own site.

For the new code, please visit the page on my blog. Thank you for appreciating an Oodget clock and putting it on your blog:)

Licks n wags,