Friday, July 12, 2013

Lazy Summer Days

Bowsers, time has just ran by us during these lazy summer days.
Are Those Fire Works We Hear?
This Is Our Couch Dad
We have been enjoying the AC and going to Angel Paws Dog Park later in the day.   This summer does not seem as hot and humid as most.  All the rain does have the bugs out in force though.  On the 4th of July we stayed close to Dad in the house after we heard some fire works.  We don't freak out, but we don' t like that noise either.
Sherman and Nani
Essex Ever Vigilant

We have met some new friends at the park, but Dad keeps forgetting his camera.  We did get a picture of Sherman's new girl chum, Nani.  She sure is a cute Labrador  Retriever. 

Dad is remembering Deacon today because it would have been his Barkday.  We both got a slice of Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese in his memory.  Dad gave us both a hug to.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman


StevieGrrrWonder said...

In memory of The Deacster, he was an awesome dog. Still miss him and the silly things he used to do. Glad your summer is going well and it's cooler. It's normal temps here, but more rain than normal and the grass is growing like a weed. Cousin Slick is doing well enjoying the a matter of fact he's halfway laying on one of the vents as we speak to keep cool. What a goober!

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Look at you look like you have your big winter coats instead of summer ones. We have our paws crossed there are no serious hurricanes this season that will try and blow you away. Keep safe and cool

Jake of Florida said...

Thoughts of Deacon on this lazy Sunday!!!

Jake and Just Harry

Pippa Sheltie said...

It's horrible enough in this heat with my sheltie coat on, so I can't imagine a collie coat!
It's no wonder you were lying on the couch! You stay there and keep cool!
Pippa :)

Islay said...

Hello collies - it's nice and hot here in Britain - finally! Hope you're staying hydrated - I bite sprinklers!
licks & slobberz

Islay said...

P.S. like your nice little soft toy there, Sherman!

Dawn said...

It's hot here too you guys! Can we send the heat down to you? Glad you remembered Deacon on his barkday. He was a great dog. Nice girlfriend dude!