Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cleveland, 10 October 1920

Today we entered the WABAC machine and traveled to 1920 and returned to Cleveland, Ohio.  As we got out and started to walk down the streets we could hear people talking about game five of the World Series.  They talked about Rube Marquard, a pitcher for the opposing Brooklyn team being arrested for trying to scalp tickets for the game on Saturday.  We all chuckled to ourselves.

As the game starts Cleveland pitcher, Jim Bagby, doesn't allow a run in the top half of the first.  We watch the bottom of the first inning, the first three batters get on base.  Up comes the right-fielder Elmer Smith.  Well cyber paw pals, Elmer hits a home run, a grand salami.  This is the first grand slam in World Series history.  The stadium is buzzing.   We smile at Dad.

The game continues and it is the bottom of the fourth inning.  Two runners on base and the pitcher Jim Bagby comes up to bat.  Ka-Pow, the ball goes over the fence for a three run shot.  This is the  first homer by a pitcher in the World Series.  Bowsers, Dad these two offensive gems have to be why you brought us to this game.  Dad just smiles.

It is now the top of the fifth and the bottom of the order comes up for Brooklyn.  Kilduff the second baseman singles to left.  Next Otto Miller, the catcher, singles to center.  The relief pitcher for Brooklyn, Clarence Mitchell is up.  The man next to us tells Dad, Mitchell is a good hitter, and was six for sixteen as a pinch hitter that season.  The count reaches 1-1 and we are chewing our tails.  Brooklyn puts on the hit-and-run play, runners are in motion.  Mitchell hits the ball hard toward center field, just several feet to the right of second base.  The Cleveland second baseman, Bill Wambsganss moves a little to his right, jumps a little, stretches out his glove and  oh my dog, he has caught the ball.  Wamby continues to second and tags the base for out number two.  As he turns around he sees Miller, who has just pulled up short and is only about five feet away.  Wamby goes over and tags Miller for out number three.  We blink in amazement and there is a dead silence in the park.  As the crowd realizes what they have seen they break out into a thunderous applause. 
Wamby Completes An Unassisted Triple Play
Bill Wambsganss
We stay through the rest of the game and our beloved Tribe wins it by a final score of 8-1.  We give Dad collie kisses after we enter the WABAC machine.  We have witnessed  the first and only unassisted triple play in World Series history.  Someday we hope Dog Dad's beloved Cleveland nine win the World Series.  Dog knows, they and the city deserve it. 

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

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Dianne SS said...

Well, we don't know much about baseball, we just like to chase and fetch balls, but this was really interesting!! We had no idea there had been only one unassisted triple play in the whole history of the world series!! Thanks for sharing this trip in the WABAC machine!!

Duffy and Lanny