Monday, March 24, 2014

Ohio Adventure - Part 2

I first encountered snow on 4 March in Kentucky.  It was getting dark outside so there are no pictures.  Both Dog Dad and I were getting pretty tired from the long drive.  I stepped in it and thought this stuff isn't to bad.  Then I took a step and it went half way up my leg.  I jumped up in surprise.  Later cousin Clyde and I went for a walk that night with Dog Dad and Dog Dad's Sister.  We walked again in the brisk air in the following morning.
06 March - Sniffing Snow
Bowsers, snow sure makes your mouth cold
We arrived in the Cleveland, Ohio area on the 5th to a temperature of 16 F.  I played some in the snow and went over to visit my collie pals Cassie and Gracie Lou that night.  Dad tells folks a tired dog is a good dog.  I went over to visit those two collies several times during our stay.  The snow melted, then came a big storm on 12 March.  The snow came down and I enjoyed playing in it.  The roads were icy and the visibility was poor.  While the weather guessers had predicted a blizzard, Dad didn't think it quite made it.  The next day cold air came rushing in and I got to experience 9 F weather.  I had fun but I could tell Dog Dad was cold.
12 March - What is Cooler Than Cool?
BOL - Ice Cold!  It is 9 F
The Wind Picks Up and It Feels Cold
We still had snow the next day and I played some more in it.  That weather resulted in our not being able to visit Cassie and Gracie Lou our last two nights on the shores of Lake Erie.  That Friday, 14 March, we left for Cincinnati, Ohio.  The following two days we were on the road again, on the long return drive to home.  We just avoided bad weather as heavy thunderstorms, wind and rain came after we left.  The entire time we drove in sunshine.  Bowsers, we were lucky.
I Have a Cold Nose for You
Dog Speed,


PAW-S:  I got an award from our friend Chuck and the Collies of the Meadow.  I am deeply honored and appreciative of the award.  I will post about that on Friday.  Tomorrow, I'll write more about Cassie and Gracie Lou.  I have some pictures to show you too.


Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

you still a little confused about the whole snow thing :) :)

Timothy said...

9 degrees... Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!! That's cold even when you're wearing a Collie coat.