Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Buddy Crosses The Bridge

We have been putting this off for a week and it is time to post.

Grand Paw Buddy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 9 January.  Buddy was Grrreat Auntie Essex's brudder, Uncle Deacon's Pawther and my Grand Paw. While I never met Buddy in pawson, Grrreat Auntie used to tell me about how she said good bye to him when she left Holmhaven to live with Dog Dad on 31 December 2003.  Essex, Buddy and their litter mates had fun playing collie games while at Holmhaven.
Buddy Puppy Picture - 2003
Buddy at Holmhaven - 2006
Essex next saw Buddy when she went with Dog Dad to bring Uncle Deacon to Key West on 10 December 2006.  Essex barked me that she remembered all the smells of Holmhaven and wagged her tail when the collie mobile got close.  Buddy and her remember each other and said howl-low when they got there.  Essex and Deacon used to wish Buddy happy barkday.  On 22 May 2010 Buddy left Holmhaven to live with a very special lady in the Keys.  On 9 October 2010, Essex and Deacon got together with Buddy to celebrate an early barkday at a dog park up the Keys.
Grrreat Auntie Essex and Buddy - 2010
Deacon with His Pawther Buddy 
Essex, Deacon and Buddy Leaving the Park
After that they never got together again, but we continued to exchange Barkday greetings with him.  Buddy went to school with his hooman and he loved being around all the school children.  Back in December 2012, we even received this pawsome pawtograph of Buddy with Santa Paws.
2012 - Buddy and Santa Paws
We received the tragic news a couple weeks ago that Grand Paw Buddy crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We were told that around New Years Buddy went to the groomers and had trouble standing.  His hooman understandably went to the vet, who prescribed Deramaxx, which is for arthritis and/or surgical pain.  The next day Grand Paw Buddy wouldn't eat anything and the Deramaxx was stopped immediately.  There was no improvement and then on 9 January, Buddy returned to the vet.  The vet relayed that Grand Paw Buddy had kidney failure and Buddy crossed the Rainbow Bridge that same day.

Lil at Holmhaven checked cyver-paw space about Deramaxx and collies.  This was not the first case listed of a collie having a problem.  She relayed to Dad and the entire Holmhaven Collie Family to make sure Deramaxx was not prescribed for their collies.

Another beloved Collie has crossed over.  Buddy's hooman is in our thoughts and prayers, because it is tough on hoomans when a beloved pup crosses the bridge.

Dog Speed Grand Paw Buddy,

Your Grand Son,



Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

it i always sad to lose another good friend and buddy

Jake of Florida said...

We're so sorry to hear Buddy has crossed over to the Bridge. But he and Essex and Deacon will have a good old time reminiscing about their days here on earth. Sending consoling woofs to Buddy's humans!!!

Just Harry

Islay said...

What a beautiful dog he was! Generations come and gone, and we are all so much richer for having had them with us.
-just stopping by to say hello, Sherman, and lickies to you and your human.


Anonymous said...

What a nice dog Buddy was.
Sorry about his loss.
~Lickies, Ludo.