Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Lazy June Day

Typical summer in Key West, things have been slow.  I am taking it easy at the park due to the warm weather, though the humidity is not as stifling as usual.
I do want to introduce you to some of my Angel Paws Pals.  The first is Lincoln, the poodle.  Most of the time he arrives in either a baby carriage or in a basket on his mom's bicycle.  Normally he stays by his mom when he visits the dog park.  He is nine years old and is weary of most of the other dogs.  He does trust me though.  Must be my nose.
Next is Dyson the boxer.  He is an infrequent visitor and rarely plays.  I get along with him just fine.  Then of course I get along with just about any pup.
Taking a Water Break
With the heat of the summer here, I am glad Dad brings cold water along.  Dad and I are both waiting to here from Lil at Holmhaven about collie puppies.  I sure hope that a tri-color female is in this litter.  Lil drop us a not last week stating she expected the pups to be borne near the end of this week.  Dad however thinks it will be 30 June.  We'll see.  Keep your paws crossed for us.

Dog Speed,


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Dawn said...

Nice to meet your friends Sherman! They look very nice. I hope you get a little pup with this litter too!