Monday, April 18, 2016

Life Got Busy

We've been after Dad to post, but life got busy.  Taxes, house stuff, work stuff, you  name it.
During our extended posting absence our pal Navy was attacked by another dog while on a walk.  He had a puncture wound on his nose, ear and a small piece of his tongue was missing.  After several days Navy came back to the park and does not seem to be suffering any after effects.  His pawrents and us were all worried how this would impact our pal.  Gemini told Navy that a quote from the movie "The Replacements"  - "Chicks did scars!"
"They Still Don't Have Deductions for Dog Biscuits!"
Sherman helped Dad do taxes.  They were sent in the mail several days before they were due.

We have pineapples growing in our yard.  Dad is getting excited as home grown pineapples are pawsome.

Dad was talking to Casey's Dad and found out he was the human that stopped his truck when Gemini slipped out of her collar and gave Dad the big scare back in February.  The other pawtographs are of us living the dream.
Casey Gets a Drink of Water
Sky, Gemini, Sherman & Casey
Gemini in the Back Yard 
Sky, Gemini & Casey by the Water Bowl
Sherman and Gemini continue to have fun playing at the Dog Park and at home.  Gemini is getting bigger and is a fun loving energetic Collie Lass.

Dog Speed

Sherman & Gemini


rottrover said...

And, are vet bills a medical expense?


StevieGrrrWonder said...

That water bowl at the dogpark is HUGE!!! Luv yur pineapples....reminds me of when I was walking thru the pineapple beds in Hawaii. My taxes were easier this yr and were done quickly as a result. Glad that Navy is ok and it reminds me of when Deacon got attacked by that pitbull while on vacation in Ohio yrs ago. Vet bill must've been expensive! Enjoy yur summer playtime at the dogpark :-)

Dawn said...

Wow, glad Navy is OK! And I LOVE your pineapples! That is so cool! Gemini is getting so big! Glad she loves to play!