Saturday, May 26, 2018

26 MAY 2018

Where has May gone?  Things are still hectic around our den.  We got sick early in the month.  On 10 May we weren't eating.  The next day we had loose stool, threw up and wouldn't eat.  Dad stopped by the our vet Saturday morning.  When they told him they were booked solid and come back Tuesday, Dad told them he was going to call Marathon.  As we were leaving the receptionist ran out and told Dad to come back at 1 PM.  We did that.  Doc told Dad that we had a tummy bug.  We both got a shot, some pills and got some chicken and rice for dinner.  As you can guess we are both doing well.

When Dad was coming home from work on Friday 11 May, he saw a car with a blue merle pup looking out the window.  The window was all the way down.  Next thing Dad knows the pup climbed out the window from the moving car, plop right into the street.  Dad stopped and watched the pup go to the median..  Two ladies pulled over to the curb, got out of the car and ran over to the pup.  When they got to the pup, Dad started driving again.  Dad opens the window enough for a nose to sniff, but no more.  We hope all of you keep your pups safe.

Below are some pawtographs of the pups at Angel Paws.  Some days there are a bunch of pups, others times only us.  We haven't went much the last two days because it has been raining.  Sigh.

Gemini and Sherman Playing
Payton, Bo and Houser
Mogli At The Water Bowl
Mogli and Bo
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini


StevieGrrrWonder said...

Loved the pics of all the doggies. Heard about that tropical system messing stuff up down there. It'll makes its way here to Ohio on Tues and Wed. My outdoor work was done late this past week, so no worries for me. I guess the grass will get a goid soaking then. BTW, those tummy bugs hit us too. Throwing up on the carpet is a mess to clean.....any time our nose is turned up from treats is a sure sign we're sick, God knows!!!! BOL or should we say MOL.....I know I now will say LOL, cuz that's what humans do! Have a great 3-day holiday to officially welcome Summer :-)

Dawn said...

Well you are right, May went by awfully fast! We got the hurricane rain last night, but not all that much. Down at our lake in Alabama they got 8 inches of rain!

So fun to see Gemini and Sherman playing together. Glad you all got over the tummy bug. Wonder where you picked that up?

We are good here. Heading to AL next week for most of June. Katie gets to go with us. She doesn't know yet. I don't think she'll be thrilled by the heat.