Monday, September 10, 2018

Remembering Irma

Cyber-paw pals,

The folks in the path of Herricane Florence are in our thoughts and prayers.  We hope are prayers keep them safe.

A year ago today around 9 AM Herricane Irma struck Key West.  We were sure that we would never see our home again.  A lot of hooomans and animals prayed for us and it worked.

We were lucky that we were able to stay with our pal Gandalf's family.  We are forever indebted to their kindness.  We were grateful for our family and pals like Skye.  They helped keep us sane.
At Gandalf's House
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini


StevieGrrrWonder said...

The Lord works in mysterious ways and He did keep u well as yur home. That hurricane was a very close call, for sure! I was reading about the Key Deer, seems they survived and are thriving again. It seems like it was longer than a year ago, bit it really was just one year. Glad u and the doggies and yur house are still here with us :-)

Brian said...

We remember your ordeal and we're sure glad all was okay. We are praying for those in the path of Florence, we're on the outskirts in Western South Carolina.

Collie222 said...

For us it was Irene, 7 years ago last month, that caused so much damage in our area.

Dawn said...

That surely was a scary storm. Glad you were safe and your house turned out to be pretty much OK too. Florence sure is making a mess over in NC now. I guess I'm happy I live way up here in Michigan. Except during the winters! :)