Saturday, January 25, 2020

Rosie Crosses The Bridge

Rosie, the cat, knew Essex, Deacon, Sherman and me.  She had plenty of tails to tell about visiting collies.  She got along best with Essex.  The two were not best pals, but they definitely got along.  The calm personality of Essex made all kinds of creatures calm.  She let Deacon sniff her.  Sherman and I loved to chase cats if they ran from us.
Essex and Rosie
Rosie lived over twenty years with Dad's sister.  She was a pawsome house cat and was loved by her family.  She enjoyed looking out the window and chilling out.  She was a house cat and would sleep by her hooman.  Recently, she was starting to have  kidney failure.  She had problems keeping down food and was sick.  So today the vet helped her cross the bridge.  She probably came up to Essex to say hi, but stayed away from Sherman and Deacon.  
Rosie Chilling Out
Her family will miss her.  Dad and I will miss her, when we visit.

Cat Speed Rosie,



Brian said...

I'm very sorry to hear about sweet Rosie, it's never ever easy to say goodbye. Hugs to her fur Mom from all of us.

Dawn said...

I'm very sorry to read about Rosie! She was a beautiful cat! I'm sure she and Essex are catching up now. I had a cat named Oscar with very similar markings a long time ago. I know you guys will miss her. Hugs to your Aunt and your Dad.

Unknown said...

It's never easy to make the decision to let a beloved animal go, but, in many instances, it's a loving kindness to do so....especially if our beloved friend is suffering. Farewell, dear Rosie, u will b remembered fondly! Just a side note: I did some checking, and a 20.5 yr old cat is the equivalent of a 98 year old human!!!! Lordy, that's old!!!! :-)

Dawn said...

Just checking on you guys...hope things are well.