Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dog Park Update

We are seeing paw pals from previous winters. Deacon enjoys playing with them and our usual paw pals. Dad likes talking with their hoomans and I am on fence patrol. There are so many bicycles, golf carts and walkers that I sometimes can’t even rest. I keep everyone safe and enjoy all the running.

I saw PJ twice this week, but Dad forgot his camera. PJ is doing fine but seems a little dog shy. It was the first we saw him since that incident with a pitbull named Ceasar in November. We were all happy to see PJ; even my tail wagged in joy.

Dog Speed


Our good friend Roxy, the Pitbull

Roxy and Deacon wrestling

Deacon with his good buddy Ollie
The Key West Collies, chilling out at home


Pacco de Mongrel said...

pitbull are really strong guy...

did roxy win the wrestling match?

G Man said...

Wow, what an awesome day at the dog park you guys!


Anonymous said...

Can we go to the dog park with you? There aren't any good ones close to us... but we like Dog Pad... is it kinda like a dog park?
Wuf Ya! - Gomer & Opie

Kiwigirl said...

Hi there, Deacon and Essex! Thank you so much for dropping in to say hi. Looks like you've had an awesome time at the park, too. You must really enjoy living in such a warm, sunny place :) Our Ma thanked the Good Shepherd for dry pet food after our Sunday drive! We really do hope that we will grow out of being carsick.. it's so much fun going to the park. We'll be back to check on you guys.
Hugs and tailwags
Josh and Jess