Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Trails To You

Well, cyber-paw pals our good paw pal Red will be leaving us to go North. We will miss Red and his Dad, Joel Walton CPTD. We talked about them a lot back in January when they helped us watch the house, when Dad had to fly to Baltimore. We will miss Joel giving advice on how to communicate with your dog better, hoomans call it training. Heck he even wrote to books.
Red, the Wonder Dog

Then in a little less than two weeks Jack and Bear will be leaving Key West to go live in Virginia. We will miss the crazy antics of that pair. We were hoping to celebrate Bear's first Barkday on 5 May. It is always sad when somebody leaves the Angel Park Dog Park Pack.

Jack (brown) and Bear (black) play with a coconut

While we watched Red leave, we could hear Dad humming the theme song from an old Black & White TV show called Roy Rogers. The song was "Happy Trails to You." For all you dog trivia buffs, here is your question. Roy Rogers' horse was named Trigger. What was the name of Roy's dog? Bonus: name the breed.

Happy Trails to You, until we meet again.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon


Lacy said...

w00f's, its sad to say g-bye to friends...hope they will have a pawsome time at their new places..the doggys name was bullet and it wuz a german shepard..

b safe,

Joey said...

Hi Essex and Deacon! I've seen you on Madison's and Kess's blogs and I thought I'd stop by and say hi to some fellow Floridians! Sorry your friends are moving - I know you'll miss them. My mom looks at Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and Bullet every day - she has a Roy Rogers lunch box and she loves it.

See ya!

Mack said...

Yes, goodbyes can be sad sometimes. You should pester your dad to take you to visit your pals!

Mom had to look up the answer online. She's such a cheater.

Dawn said...

It's always sad to say good-bye isn't it. I have no idea about Roy's dog...to know that would be to prove my age...and I'm not letting on! :)

Ludo van puppy said...

Sorry to hear about your friends leaving, that very sad.
Me and mum does not know about that show, we is too young. :p
~lickies, Ludo

Nat said...

That's too bad that you have to say good-bye :( but new beginnings can be fun!

Kess And Her Mama said...

It's tough to say goodbye but you can always look forward to a "See you soon!"

Jake of Florida said...

We understand -- we get really sad when even our virtual friends disappear -- so it has to be all the more sad when flesh and blood friends go away!!!

Just Harry was wondering: Does Essex like to dance? Would she like a virtual trip to Salzberg? (Check out his latest post...)


Jake of Florida said...

Ms. Essex,

I hope I wasn't remiss in posting all thos beautiful photos of you on my blog. But I couldn't resist, now that I've learned you'll accept my invitation to a virtual wedding in Salzberg on May 1st.

I think if you read what everyone is saying about you, you'll be really happy -- and might even blush.

Do you have a favorite color?

Your pal,

Just Harry

Orable and Charlie said...

Hello, Collies! Sad to say goodbye to friends, but guess what? Easter is coming, so dust off your noses so you can go chasing rabbits!