Wednesday, April 28, 2010

News From Buddy

Buddy, Deacon's Dad - Essex's Brother
We just got a note from Buddy at Holmhaven Collies. Buddy is leaving Holmhaven, looking for a family to call all his own. Buddy is Essex’s brother and Deacon’s Dad. He is excited and worried about leaving Holmhaven. Dog Dad met Buddy when he first picked up Essex and then again when he went to get Deacon. We can vouch that he is a pawsome dog. He has his Companion Dog obedience title too. Buddy’s formal name is Holmhaven Enchanting Flash, CD.

Buddy isn’t the only collie ready to leave Holmhaven. There is a young collie puppy called Casey that was whelped on 3 February. We hope both of them find grrrreat furever home.

Casey, 03 February 10

“Dog Dad, why are you smiling?”

“Well, Buddy made me think of the first day I met Lil and Essex. Essex came right up to me and started to chew on my shoe lace. Buddy was close behind and wanted some attention as well. All the Holmhaven Collies came over to say hi. It is hard for me to believe that was six and a half years ago. Essex and I have had so many wonderful times together. I hope Buddy is just as lucky.”

“Woof, come over here for a face lick Dad.”

Essex & Deacon


Jan's Funny Farm said...

We don't understand why Buddy suddenly needs a new home but we sure hope he gets a good one. Casey too.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, thanks for the comment. We're glad Buddy is just looking for a home of his own and not having to leave because of an emergency.

Mack said...

We hope Buddy finds a great new home soon....maybe in the Keys??? BOL!

Dawn said...

Ahhh...Buddy would be a great dog for some really lucky family! I hope he finds the perfect one! He looks so much like Essex!!

Nat said...

I hope Buddy finds a great home! He sure is handsome! said...

OH they are both verra handsome! Too much furriness though, if they were smoothies like me, they could come to my house!

Jake of Florida said...

Dear Essex,

Please understand that Just Martha and I were simply reminiscing about an exciting professional moment we shared together -- and in no way does anything I may have said about perfume and scents and nostalgia affect the sincerity of my deep affection for you.

My constant regret is that I have been unable to persuade my silly 'rents to take that short drive to KW to meet you. They just came back from a week in Sarasota and Birmingham. Now I have learned that they are to attend a conference in Vamcouver in June, a DWB meet-up in NYC in July, and a seaport convention in Halifax in September. (All those plans subject to any hurricane threats, of course.) How selfish, right???

Anyway, I sincerely appreciated your "hmmmmmmm" and remain your devoted, if occasionally ditzy,

Just Harry

Jake of Florida said...

Thank you, Deacon!!!