Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ruffs from RJ & Raffie

We are always happy when some paw signs our guest book. When another Holmhaven Collie signs it, things get down right barky. A couple days ago RJ signed our guest book.

Woofs from cousin RJ

RJ was born on Valentines Day, 2005. We noted in the Holmhaven testimonials that Princess Destin came up to live with RJ in May 2008. We hope she is still with RJ and takes the time to sign our guest book too. Last we knew RJ was living in Georgia, a peach of a state. We are keeping our paws cross that they both write us again soon. We just love hearing from paw-latives.

We got a note from Raffie, who lives with one of Dad’s sisters out in Lost Wages, Nevada. I guess he noted we had a new car and told his Mom that she needed to keep up with the collies. BOL. Raffie looks happy by his new wheels. We know Raffie will take care of everyone out there and make sure the family has plenty of kibbles.

Raffie shows off his new wheels
Hearing from RJ and Raffie has made this a most pawsome week.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon


Nat said...

Agreed, it is very fun to hear from paw-latives! Yay!

Mack said...

It is indeed great to hear from your friends.

Have a great weekend!

Sunny,Scooter(sometimes Jamie) said...

Y'all have lots of relatives. Mom says that is a very good thing.
We still think you 2 are the mose handsome though!

Dawn said...

Cool! So nice to hear from family! Glad you had a good week!!