Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bonnie is Over the Sea

A vacation picture

We will be staying in Key West for Tropical Storm Bonnie. The current forecast has the center of the storm passing about 22 miles away with 45 knot winds at around 6 PM tomorrow. Guess that means no dog park, sigh.


The worst we should have to put up with is a Tropical Storm force winds and Dad has cleared the yard of loose objects. Dad has to go into work, so while we stay home guarding the house.

Dad has been singing the following:

Oh, Bonnie is over the ocean
Oh, Bonnie is over the sea
Oh, Bonnie is over the ocean
Oh, Bonnie be gentle to me

Be gentle
Be gentle
Oh, Bonnie be gentle to me, to me.

Yep, Dog Dad is silly, but we love him.

The Great Dane willing, we will post after the storm passes.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon


Mack said...

But don't Bring back Bonnie to me! (Or you guys, or anybody else!)

Lets hope and pray nobody gets anything but some rain and that's it!

(At first when we read the title we thought your girlfriend had moved or something)!

Mack said...

Hey guys,
We're not expected to even get much rain. How did you guys do???

Worried sugars,

Anonymous said...

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