Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trip Paw-to-graphs

It took us some time but here are our trip pictures. After leaving Key West, we went to Valdosta, Georgia and spent some time visiting with Lady I and Lady II. The next day we traveled to Cincinnati to spend time with Clyde. Clyde's bed was so comfy, Essex decided to claim it. BOL. After three days we drove up North to Elyria to visit Grand-Paw and Dad's two sisters. On the way we passed an Amish Buggy and barked like a foamy dog.
Essex, Lady I, Lady II and Deacon's butt.
Dad's nephew with the head of Anubis

Essex claimed Clyde's bed

Amish Buggy

We stayed with our Dad's sister, his boring nephews and Rosie the cat. His nephews played X-Box all day, even though the weather was nice outside. We have to visit our good pals Hatti and Cassi in Amherst, Ohio. That was a lot of fun and a poofing session.

Deacon looking for Rosie

Deacon through through the flowers

Hattie above and Cassie below

No it is not all from Essex. All four were poofed.

We had fun visiting Grand-Paw at the nursing home. Even Clyde came up with his family from Cincinnati to visit.


Clyde and his family visit Grand-Paw

We stopped on our way back to visit Lady I and Lady II in Valdosta, Georgia. They took us out to the city dog park and we had a pawsome time. We loved seeing them and had a good time.

Four Collies at the gate

Essex & Lady II

Deacon has a wet nose

Lady I resting by the ice bowl

Deacon and the Dog Mom of Lady I & II


Mack said...

Ok - now we know what a poofing session is!

Looks like everybody had a great time visiting friends and relatives!

Dawn said...

Looks like loads of fun, maybe other than the poofing experience! LOL!

Tatum Tot Spice said...

That looks like a really super fun trip! I love seeing all the collies too. :)