Saturday, December 17, 2011

Essexmas Baking 2011

We want everyone that Essex is doing pawsome.  She is eating regular and that nasty giardia bug is leaving her alone.  Sherman is growing like a collieweed.  He is now taller than Essex.  Things have been kind of busy for Dog Dad.  He has been doing Essexmas baking.  When he does that, we just chill out.

Sherman & Essex chilling out

Sherman is getting tall
Walnut Rounds
Petticoat tails
Pecan Delights

Czechaslovakian Cookies
Anise Oil Cookies
Angel Food Cake


Dianne SS said...

Wow!!!!! That is a pretty impressive amount of baking!! We make mazurkas here too and rogaliki!!We're glad to hear that Essex is so much better--that's good news. And Sherman--yes he's going to be a big boy!! And this is his first Christmas--that's always really special for everyone!!

Sam and Pippen said...

Your dad does baking??? Send him over here! Our mom has some dead bananas that she needs to do something with and 'just doesn't have time'!

Glad to hear that Essex is getting better!

Sam and Pippen

Bailey said...

So glad to hear Essex is doing better!!

Dawn said...

Glad Essex is getting better! And that's a whole lot of baking! I think Katie and I should visit!! Merry Christmas to all of you down there, may the sun shine on your holiday!

Two Collies and A Mutt said...

I'm glad Essex is feeling better! And those goodies look very yummy!

Also, I nominated your blog for the "Liebster Blog" award. There's more about it on my blog if you want to participate! :]

Brianne said...

Oh my goodness that looks delicious. Violet is my cooking assistant - I go near the kitchen, and she can be found nowhere but sprawled out on the floor by my feet.

Shikota said...

Wow!! The aroma must have smelled delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!