Monday, December 19, 2011


Dad is not a happy camper right now.  He found a tick on Essex and then found over twenty on Sherman.  Dad is guessing Sherman is picking them up at the dog park.  In the eight years Essex has been with Dad, if he picked off two from her or Deacon in year, that was a lot.  He has went several months at a time without finding a single tick.  This @#&*#) twenty, that is a lot and it going to make him extra vigilant.  .

Now, we were due to get our medication on the 24th, but it will be a bit early this month.  Essex will get hers tonight and Sherman will get his tomorrow.  Dad needs to get him weighed at the vets office first.  He doesn't want to put to much on Sherman because he is afraid he'll get sick. 

As for the @#&*#)  ticks.  After removing them, Dad boils them in water.  Kill the little @#&*#) is what Dog Dad says. 

Essex & Sherman


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh,I remember picking ticks off dogs! What a pain. And now they say dogs and animals can get so sick from them so it's very important to get rid of them quickly. So picking all those off would not be fun!

Merry Christmas to all of you, Dogdad, Essex and Sherman. And BTW, as if you didn't already know, Sherman has grown. :)

Dawn said...

Oh man! Katie came back from the kennel in October with FLEAS! We've never had fleas before, it took almost 4 weeks of bathing her, washing everything in the house, repeated vacuuming, then start it all over before we got rid of them. Then we went away and she went back to the kennel for Thanksgiving. Luckily, so far, no fleas! It's a LOT OF WORK to get rid of the little devils!

Keith Andrea said...

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Pippa said...

20 is a lot of ticks. Normally Master only finds one or maybe two on me, depending on the time of year. We use the nasty meds in spring and autumn, and we add lavender and stuff like that to my throws, and my harness, and and and. Tick disease is not good, I know.