Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sherman Doing Well

Dear Cyber-Paw Pals, I am doing well.  Though I wish Dog Dad would take me to Angel Paws.  He is telling me Friday.  Dr. Waddell said 4-5 days, so Dog Dad makes it a week.  Sigh.

The pictures were taken Friday, when I returned home.  In the first picture you can see that I am out of it.  Doc gave me some good drugs.  You can see where they cut my handsome fur, so they could stick the IV in my leg.  Sigh. 

The last shot is of my shaved belly.  I was lucky only one incision was necessary. 
Back home, you can see my shaved front leg
The IV was attached here
Shaved belly
Tomorrow, I'll let Dad take a picture of me in my e-collar.  We will be using the WABAC machine to go back in time.  Do you know when in time we will be going?  Dad promised that we'll have a blast. 

Dog Speed,



Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

the days will fly by and you will be back racing around angel paws in no time. Now no playing with the stitches okay !

Berts Blog said...

Whew, you had us worried. Hang in there Sherman, you'll be out playin before you know it......

charlene and Storm said...

glad to hear he is doing well, just got the fun of trying to stop him running and bouncing now. that will be easy, not!
when stormy had his done i had a right game trying to keep him calm. dont know if it was anything to do with that or if it would of happened anyway but stormy got a big red bum appear on one of his incisions called a seroma and i had to put betnovate steroid cream on it for weeks to make it go back down. stressed me out big time but you cant even see he had it done now. xxxx

Kess And Her Mama said...

Looking good Sherman! The fur will grow back. What's important is that all is well post surgery. Take care now!

Dawn said...

Glad you're OK Sherman! I'm sure that was no fun at all. Make sure you look sad and make Dog Dad give you extra treats. Make the most of it boy!