Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sherman To Get Fixed

Sherman talks to Dad
I am going to get fixed Friday.  Dad had a talk with me about it, because he is a little worried.  You see I have something called cryptorchidism.  That means my testicles haven't dropped.  Dad has been hoping they would descend, but no such luck.  
Dad read up on it and dogs with crytorchidism that aren't fixed run a high risk getting cancer.  Then again because this isn't normal, Dad worry.  I licked his face and told him all will be okay.  I am a brave collie boy.  I will not like having to stay away from Angel Paws while I heal.  It is my favorite place.  Sigh, there will be no playing with Leo for awhile after tomorrow.  

Dad always does what he thinks is best, even if it doesn't make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  This is one of those times.  Think of me, tell Dad not to worry and that I'll be okay. 

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Jan's Funny Farm said...

Hey, Sherman, we believe you are a brave guy and we know you'll be fine Friday.

Bailey said...

Sherman you are very brave and it is normal for Dog Dads to worry. You will both get through this just fine.

charlene and Storm said...

good luck sherman, im sure everything will be fine. stormy had to have his took off too cos only one of his didnt drop too but it all turned out fine. lots of love xxxxxxxxx

Dawn said...

That's when you know you're in a forever home...when those humans worry about you! You will be just fine..Dad? Hard to tell about him! he he!!

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Oh Shermie - you will be just fine and just between you and me - I had the same problem. Your dad is doing the right thing as there is a risk of bad things happening when they don't drop. You will be fine and back at angel paws in no time

Jake of Florida said...

We understand about the procedure and you'll be just fine after a day or so. Your dad will too, although he will be a mess the whole time you're at the vet's!

One thing though -- we're not sure about saying you're getting "fixed" because we don't think you're broken. We know it's a common expression -- but it sounds more like a car or a toaster or something like that!!!

Stay in touch so we know how things went.

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

Islay said...

Don't worry, Sherman, that's not always as bad a problem as it seems, and is often misdiagnosed, too, but don't fault the vet - he's only human! Higgins' marbles never dropped either, but you could still feel them when he rolled over on his back - they were up there, squishy jelly-beans. The vet insisted that the only way you should be able to feel them was to have the dog standing so that they would droop, but mum knew better. Vet said he would have to go digging for buried treasure and mum just smiled. Turns out they were right there and easy to remove without any big deal, and Higgins was just fine. he lived a happy long life until his bad teeth go the better of his bladder. I think you'll do just fine, so don't worry. Islay's missing his marbles, too!