Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dad is Sick

We'll cyber-paw pals, Dad is feeling sick - sore throat, coughing, fevered eyes.  That means the smells of  orange juice, chicken-noodle soup, NyQuil and Dad in bed at our house.  Essex is keeping a good watch on Dad. 
We are doing well.  The ticks came back and Dad decided he needed to switch our flea and tick medicine.  He tried comfortis.  Doc told him to make sure we eat and wait an hour.  Essex made it an hour though her tummy felt queasy.  Sherman lasted about 55 minutes and then everything he ate came to see how Dad's living room carpet was doing.  Sherman sniffed it and said I can't eat this stuff.

On the other paw, while Dad is up we asked him to post some pictures from this weekend.  The first is Sherman sleeping.  Why he decided to sleep under his food & water bowls is unknown.  Both Dad and I thought about scaring him, but decided cleaning up all the water would be no fun.

Sherman Picks an Unusual Spot to Sleep
Saturday morning, it rained pretty hard when we went for our morning walk.  This picture is of two rain washed collies.  We were happy when Dad got out the towels.  That is our favorite portion of rainy day walks.  Essex likes to get dried off, while Sherman tries to play tug of war with the towels. 

Two Wet Collies Back From a Walk
These next pictures were taken on Sunday at Angel Paws.  We had a good steady breeze going.  Dad loved the sight of the wind blowing in our fur. 

The Wind Plays with Sherman's Fur
What is Sherman Looking At/
Sherman Looks to the Left
 Essex Looks for Anything Barkworthy is Coming.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman



Bailey said...

Hope Dog Dad feels better soon. It's so hard when they aren't well. Katy likes to sleep around furniture like that too. There is no accounting for comfort.

Dianne SS said...

We hope that you are feeling better Dog Dad--being sick is no fun at all. And we hope you don't give any more of that medicine to Essex and Sherman!! Something that makes them sick like that can't be good for them. Maybe look into natural repellants for fleas and ticks.

Duffy and Dianne

Chris and Ricky said...

Hope you feel better today Dog Dad! It is awful being sick.

Dawn said...

Feel better soon Dog Dad!!! Boy that Sherman has sure grown up fast!

Oskar said...

I hope that Dad is all better!

Nubbin wiggles,