Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sherman at Angels Paws

Sherman at Angel Paws - 12 April 2012

Leo's Dad took this pawsome paw-to-graph this evening of me and I barked at Dad to post it today.  Our entire pack was at Angel Paws.  I was playing with Leo and pawsed a moment to catch my breath.  Essex she was doing Fence Patrol and Dad was talking with the other humans.

Dog Dad is in a better mood today as he is finished doing taxes.

Essex told me I watch Dad closely Sunday morning.  Something about an annual toast.  She told me that Dad has done the toast every year since she has lived with him.  I wonder what Dad is toasting?  Will there be any cheese?  Does any paw have an idea, as Essex loves torturing me and making me wait instead of telling me.

Dog Speed,



Bailey said...

Glad Dad is doing better now that taxes are done.

Marquie said...

What a great picture of you, Sherman! You sure are handsome. We're also wondering what your Dad is toasting. Maybe if you bribe Essex with some cheese she'll tell you!

Dawn said...

Great photo there Sherman! I think I know what Dog Dad is going to toast...but I'll wait and see.