Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hoping Every Paw is Okay

We hope all our friends up the northeastern United States are okay.  We just got a call from Skye and she is doing fine.  Still haven't heard from Leo and his Mom and other paws.  Our prayers have been going going out for a lot of paws and hooomans.  We are used to having other paws worry about us, so this is unusual.  We believe our pal Asta is happy to be living in Budapest instead of NYC right now.

Miles Spent the Night
Sherman Chilling Out
Essex Watching Sherman and Miles
This past week in Key West was busy.  First our new pal Miles came to spend Saturday night with us.   Miles wasn't quite trusting of us at first and spent the first five hours in his kennel.  Sherman spent the first hour barking at him trying to convince him to come out. 
Where is My Sandwich
You Made Me Float Like A Butterfly
Now I'll Sting Like A Bee
That's Why Name is Shermee
Next the Ladies Mom and her friend came down to visit.  They were busy enjoying Fantasy Fest activities.  We stayed home and visited Angel Paws.  Here is the link to our post about their visit last year.   They made Sherman wear butterfly wings, wouldn't let him eat their sandwich and made him go on Duval Street.  Well Sherman is a lot bigger now.

Dog Speed

Essex & Sherman


Sam said...

Will you all get part of the storm?



Hurricane Sandy did very little to Key West. We might have gotten some 20-30 mph winds, but those winds are nothing serious. A little rain, but nothing bad.

Essex & Sherman

Cotton said...

I hope everypawdy's okay

StevieGrrrWonder said...

I suppose becuz of the butterfly wings on Duval St, now Sherman can be referred to as a trendy metrosexual BOL :-) Sting like a bee, Shermee...sting like a bee! Here in OH, Sandy gave us wind (30-45mph) & rain for a few days. We're a bit soggy, lotta leaves twigs/small branches off the trees, but we're ok. Winter storms are worse than that. The NE coast got hit hard, the devastation seen in pics told the sad story well. All those concerned are in our prayers.