Friday, May 24, 2013

Cleveland, 23 MAY 1901

No results yet about the x-ray.  When Dad called our Vet, he had already left for the day. 

Then we had to delay posting because our puter caught a virus.  Sigh.

Today we went on a trip in the WABAC machine to 1901.  The place Cleveland, Ohio.  When we got out we noticed there were no cars, lots of horses and horse apples.  We walked towards the baseball field and heard people muttering about how the team lost that one.
League Park, Cleveland, Ohio Circa 1905
from Wikipedia
As we sneak into the stadium we see that the Cleveland team is behind 13-5 and there are two outs and nobody is on base.  We look at Dad wondering why we are here.  He smiles back at us.  Up to plate steps the left fielder, a single to right, then another single.   As we watch in amazement, Cleveland strings together eight hits, a hit-batter, a walk and a passed ball.  The final score 14-13 Cleveland.  We have witnessed the greatest comeback in baseball history.  Never since has a team come from so far behind with nobody on and two outs.  We are stunned.

Dad looks at us and says "Perhaps this is why people from Cleveland don't give up so easily.   This event taught them to keep plugging away."  You know cyber-paw pals, he may just be right.
Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman


GizmoGeodog said...

"Horse Apples" BOL! You know one of my all time favorite T-shirts had a picture of the city skyline and the tag line "Cleveland - You've Got To Be Tough!" I still remember that one and do belive it's the truth

Dawn said...

Cleveland never gives up!