Sunday, September 1, 2013

DWB - Nevermore??

It is a very sad day for us.  Dogs With Blogs (DWB)  is no more.  We chatted with our pals in the "Secret Chat Room" last week and this week the chat room was gone.   We clicked on our DWB link, saw this with words from Bob Hope.

DWB was started in April 2006 by Charlie and Opy, who lived in Oz.  There hoomans Greg and Brooke helped them put it together.  The next pup to join them was Bogart and then DWB grew and grew.  Essex and Deacon joined DWB in 2007 as # 506.  The first edition of DWB grew to 1395 members.  Then it closed its doors and a second edition of DWB started. 

DWB was pawsome.  We voted for photo of the month, best post, got together in the chat room on Sunday morning and for New Years Eve.  We made canine and hooman chums across the globe.  We supported each other when pups or hoomans crossed the rainbow bridge to include our beloved Deacon in 2011.  We welcomed new members and new additions to packs, like Sherman to our pack.  Yes, the DWB community supported each other through good and bad times. 

We are sad to see DWB go, but blogging isn't as popular as it was when we started.  We met many cyber-paw pals because of DWB and are very grateful to have been part of that community.   We would like to thank Greg & Brooke for forming DWB.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman


Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Sadly many people just moved to facebook - even a lot of the regular dog bloggers have moved more to facebook now.

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Wow...what a kick in the ass. All those yrs, 7 for the blog and 6 for u, and then nothing? And all the pics u posted.....can u save them? I bet lotta ppl r disappointed and upset. I had fun reading yur blog, though. I wonder if they have a subset of ppl on Facebook like the first comment suggested. Maybe they have a group there. Anyhow, it was fun while it lasted :-)


Silly StevieGrrrWonder, we think you've been in Slick's Catnip again. Our blog will still be here. DWB was a large group of Dog Bloggers that had a common site and got together in cyber-paw-space. That site is gone. The Key West Collies will be around for a while longer.

Slick, you better check if your catnip is missing.

Essex & Sherman

Ludo van Doggy said...

Oh that is sad, we met a lot of bloggers including you through dwb's, we will miss it. Some newer bloggers have started a blog Ville group to join but we haven't yet.