Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day - VJ Day 2013

Happy Labor Day to all our pals in the United States.  Today is also VJ Day.

We got in the WABAC machine this morning.  As Dad set the dial for 1945, he to told us to be very quiet.  We both nodded our heads.  Next thing we knew were in Tokyo Harbor aboard the battleship Missouri.  We watched a solemn ceremony as the leaders of Japan signed the document that would end World War II.  Dad told us that VJ Day stood for Victory over Japan Day and we should say a prayer for those canines and hoomans that crossed the Rainbow Bridge during WW II. 
Japanese Delegation Aboard The USS Missouri
Dad then set the dial for 15 August destination Sidney, Australia.  We watched the famous Dancing Man on Elizabeth Street in Sidney, Australia celebrating the informal end of WW II, Japan's acceptance terms of the Potsdam Declaration.  There were folks from the famous Movietone Newsreels filming the dancing man.  The folks down under call this day VP Day, Victory in the Pacific Day.  Then it was off to a building high above Times Square in New York City.  We watched as folks went crazy celebrating the informal end of the war.  Dad told us the difference in dates was do to the fact Oz was the land of tomorrow, while the United States is in the land of yesterday.  We nodded our heads.  He told us Grand Maw was celebrating the news in Buffalo, New York, while Grand Paw was in Europe doing the same.  The end of the war was a good thing.  The world could begin to rebuild.  Dog Dad told us places like Oz celebrate on the 15 August , while President Truman stated the official day for the US was the date when the official surrender was signed. 
The Dancing Man of Oz
Times Square, New York City, 14 August 1945
= = = = = =

Now back to 2013.  Yesterday we had a lot of commotion going on in our yard.  There was a strange contraption out in the yard and two strange men.  We barked at them and told Dad they were up to no good.  There was strange noises and the clanking of metal.  Dad went outside and talked to them.  After all they left, we went outside.  We stared at Dad and barked, "They stole our grass."  Dad smiled and told us, we were getting new grass for the front yard because there was to many weeds.  When we get a chance, we will have to mark our yard.
Sound The Alert Somebody Is In Our Yard
A Strange Machine

Oh No, Our Grass Is Gone
We received good news this morning.  While DWB is gone, the Chat Room will still be around.  That means we will still be able to talk with Skye, Anne and Blue on Sundays.  Dad was relieved because he won't have to figure out how to install new software that would do the same. 

Have a grrreat Labor Day to those of you in the US.  If you have a chance take a moment to remember those canines and hoomans that crossed the Rainbow Bridge during the Second World War. 

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman


StevieGrrrWonder said...

Yes, happy Labor Day...may we all dance in the streets! Sorry those guys with the clanking metal machine stole yur grass....good thing is that u can poop all over the front lawn and dad doesn't have to pick it up...put the new grass down over it and prestp, i got goof fertilizer

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

no grass - where will you pee!!!!!! Can your bladders hold out until the new stuff arrives?

Ludo van Doggy said...

I hope you get good new grass!
Happy labour day!
~Lickies, Ludo