Monday, February 10, 2014

Angel Paws 2014

Other pups at Angel Paws have been hit and miss so far this year.  Several times a week my good pal Karma shows up.  When he is around, I run, wrestle and raise havoc.  We have a lot of fun.  Karma has been my best pal since Leo left.
Karma and Sherman Wrestling
More Wrestling
The only regulars are myself, Red and CC.  Red you know from years past.  Red knew both Great Auntie Essex and Uncle Deacon.  This year has been different then before.  This year Red's Dog Mom and cousin CC accompanied him.  CC is a Chocolate Labrador Retriever that is both blind and slightly crippled.  Surprisingly he gets around fine inside Angel Paws.  
Red Chilling Out
CC Resting
Right now there are either a lot of dogs or just a few at the park.  Dad misses the days when there we a number of regulars.  People tend stay for a couple years and then get transferred to someplace else.

Dog Speed,



Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

People are just in general more mobile these days - never staying in one place long.

Donna S. said...

Neo and I misses Angel Paws. It's been awhile since I saw Karma miss this dog. Hopefully when we get the chance to drop by at the park Karma's there too.

Islay said...

You've seen a lot of dogs through Angelpaws - what great memories! Thanks for stopping by, Sherman! (my human is so slow on the blog these days!)

Dianne SS said...

Things are always changing--sometimes it would nice to freeze frame a place and time. Here's hoping that you find more regular friends again at Angel Paws.

Duffy and Lanny

Timothy said...

I am hoping that we become regulars at our local doggie park soon. Buddy will be coming home next Thursday, 2/20. We pick him up at noon. Just got a bag of his food delivered from The prices were the best I could find, shipping was free, and it was delivered via UPS in just 3 days. As soon as I figure out how much we use, I'll have it sent automatically at regular intervals.

StevieGrrrWonder said...

The only time Sherman is ever on his back is for other dogs....NEVER for a person!!!