Thursday, February 20, 2014

Good Bye Lady I - 2000-2014

We received a sad call yesterday evening from north Florida.  We could hear the brave voice of their Dog Mom quiver as she told us that Lady I had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Lady I was a happy collie with a heart of gold.  Her Dog Mom is very special.  She adopted Lady I from her initial family at the age of seven, because the family had to move and couldn't have a dog at their new home.  Next came Lady II adopted from a rescue, who crossed the bridge in 2012.  Gracie came to live with them in February 2013.  Gracie needed a lot of loving because life did not treat her well early on.  She couldn't have picked a better family.
Lady I -2010
Lady I , Deacon, Essex, Lady II - 2008
Lady I's Dog Mom is taking it in stride like Dad did with Essex.  Lady I was almost 14 years old and her Mom could see there were not many days left.  Gracie, Lady I, Dog Mom and the rest of their pack celebrated an early Barkday for Lady I the day before.  One thing we know about Lady I was that she was loved all her long life.  First by one family, then by a second.  That is makes any dogs life full.  To love and be loved.

Dad first heard about Lady I before Deacon came to live with him.  His next door neighbor knew he was looking into getting another collie and had met Lady I at the animal shelter.  Before Dad got over there, she was already adopted.  Essex and Deacon got to meet Lady I and Lady II many times until their Dog Mom moved away from Key West.  We kept in contact though.  Dog Dad, Essex and Deacon visited on their way up to Ohio.

Later on Lady I came to visit Essex and me in Key West.  Her silly Dog Mom even had me wear wings. Good thing all my fur prevented them from seeing how embarrassed I was.  I know that Lady I did a fantastic hurt paw trick.
Essex Watches Sherman Try to Play with Lady I
If you get a chance stop by and offer a kind word to Gracie and Dog Mom.  It will mean a lot to these kind souls. Here is the link to their blog: dscollies.  A great collie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Dog Speed,



Dianne SS said...

Sad news, but it sounds like Lady I had a wonderful life with so much love and kindness in it and to be almost 14 is pretty special. Our thoughts and condolences go out to Lady I's Dog Mom.

Dianne, Duffy, and Lanny

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

so sad to read and our sweet buddie Daisy also crossed this week too.

Bailey said...

Sad but sweet to know she was so loved during her life.

Dawn said...

That's sad...glad she had a good life with two families though. Still, was was to see the photo of the 4 of them, all across the bridge now. :(