Sunday, September 13, 2015

Gemini Surprises Dad

I continue to surprise Dog Dad.  I had been whining so much when I was crated at night, that he decided to let me sleep on the dog bed at the foot of his bed.  When I got on the bed, Dad would close the bedroom door.  He figured that he would crate train me at night at a later date.  I am okay if he crates me and leaves, but I don’t like being crated when he is home.  Sherman has the choice to come in the room or stand guard outside the door.
Dad Wake Up, I Have To Go Outside
This morning I felt the urge to go to outside.  Dad was sleeping, so I quickly came up with a plan.  I stood up on my bed, put my front paws on the foot of his bed and barked.  Dog Dad woke up, looked at the clock, 5:23 AM, and said “You need to go out girl?”  He got on his gym shorts and took me outside, where I did my duty.   He was so proud of me.  With that little event, I may have escaped being crated at night.

Then Dog Dad fixed my morning meal and started putting on Sherman’s leash.  I stood by him and sat down, so he knew I wanted to go too.  He smiled and shook his head no.  Sherman and Dog Dad went for a walk, while I ate.  When they got back he took me and Sherman for a walk around the block.
Inside The Colliemobile
I See Adventures In My Life
On Friday, I got a glimpse of Angel Paws.  I didn't go potty, so Dad put me in the Collie Mobile and I got to travel to the park.  Sherman got to go in the park and I got to walk outside.  After about five minutes, I did my duty.  Dad told me no park until I get older, sigh.   I barked at the other pups and play bowed from the other side of the fence..

Dog Speed,



Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

you are going to be one smart little girl for sure and we are guessing you are going to be keeping your dad on his toes.

Bailey said...

Dog Dad must be quite happy with how well you are doing.

StevieGrrrWonder said...

So u hate crates too? So do we. What an ingenious scheme to escape night crating. If u do piddle on the floor, blame it on Sherman. Dad will believe you (NOT!) BOL ;-) One day, the park doors will open for u to run and play, and that will be so awesome that it will be worth the wait. Keep doing well and being the happy little girl u are. Slick n Rocky n Cassie....meow meow meow :-)

Jans Funny Farm said...

I'm the only one here that has been crated and Jan learned very quickly that while I am okay with being left in a crate when she leaves, I am a big boy and get to sleep in the big bed at night. Keep up the good training with Dog Dad. :)


Dianne SS said...

You are so smart Gemini!! That's so pawsome that you knew right away how to wake up Dog Dad when you needed to go out!! You going to have lots of fun in the park soon!

Dawn said...

Wow! You are one very smart girl!