Sunday, September 6, 2015

Of Key West and Litter Mates

I am doing pawsome in Key West.  Uncle Sherman gets grumpy every once in a while, but he is pretty good with me.  Dad thinks it will be better when I grow up.  I have taken over Uncle Sherman's bed when he lets me, so Dad promised Sherman we would get two more.  Sherman and I spent some time planning underneath the dining room table (aka Fort Essex) today.  The first night at home, Dad didn't close the kennel all the way.  Dad was waking up and heard a noise, the patter of collie paws and saw a black shape cross in front of the bed as I escaped.  He laughed and took me outside for a potty break.
Harrrooo, I'm Gemini
Sherman, Your Bed is My Bed Too
Floor or Rug, Let's Split the Difference 
Gemini and Sherman Under Fort Essex
I received an e-bark from cousin Magnum.  He was borne a day before me.  Hopefully we will get together with him next May.  While we were at Holmhaven Dad took some pictures of cousin Scout,  sister Shannon and brother Remington (Remy).  Strangely enough the lady Remington has adopted was adopted by Essex's late brother Buddy.  Guess collies know good hoomans.  We sure hope Remy e-barks us as he Remy grows.
Brudder Remy - Great Great Auntie Essex Met His Mom
Sister Shannon is Staying at Holmhaven
Cousin Magnum E-Barked Us From His Home
Cousin Scout Resting
Dog Speed,



Jans Funny Farm said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh, we're so glad you are home, Gemini. Sounds like Uncle Sherman is teaching you the ropes of living with Dog Dad.

Thanks for introducing some of your family. We get a bit confused with the greats and the relationships, but that's okay.

You've got a good home. Enjoy.

Dawn said... got a lot accomplished in only your first couple days...taking over Sherman's bed and everything. I guess he's being nice to you, letting you sleep on his bed and all. You need to be very respectful of him, cause he's the one that knows all the rules. I'm sure you two will get along just great, looks like you're already having meetings in the fort!

rottrover said...

Oh Gemini, I'm so glad you're taking over as any girl-dog should!!

rottie kisses,


Ludo van Doggy said...

Hi Gemini!
Welcome home! What an eventful few days you have had. Glad to aee you settling in well. You are so adorable that i am sure dog dad and Sherman will forgive you any little misdemeanors.
Lots of lickies, from Ludo and Arran.

Bailey said...

Sounds like you are making yourself right at home.

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Sherms, b nice to Miss G or else cousin Cassie will swat u on the nose :-) and, Miss G, maybe yur middle name should b Houdini for the escape artist routine u performed with yur kennel! Looks like u r settling in and being a happy little girl. Liked all the family pics. The meeting under the table was cute, but wait until a cheese puff inevitably comes yur way.....MEETING ADJOURNED!!!!!! ;-)