Sunday, January 31, 2016

Navy, Bo and Home

We wanted to show some pawtographs of our pals.  The first is Navy.  After Red crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Navy came to live with his hoomans.  His pawrents first went to the Key West Animal Shelter and didn't find a pup that wanted to come home with them.  Dad suggested they try the Shelter up in Marathon.  Sure enough waiting there was Navy, who barked, "I've been waiting for you and it is about time you got here!"  We first me Navy on 14 January.  He is a very out going happy puppy, that loves to run and chase.
Another Angel Paws regular is Bo the Labrador Retriever.  Bo is a very active fun loving pup.  Like most Labrador's he doesn't have a mean bone in his body.  He loves to chase, run and wrestle.
Things are going well at our home.  Dad's pal came over to watch the football game last week.  Gemini decided to get into her kennel.  This totally surprised Dad, but shows the she feels safe in her kennel.  Sherman just rested in the middle of the floor.  Today Dad brought us our Sunday bones and we enjoyed chomping on them in the living room.
Gemini Resting in Her Kennel 
Sherman Keeping an Eye on Dad
Enjoying Our Sunday Bone
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini


Collie222 said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend! We keep forgetting about the Sunday morning blog chat until Sunday evenings! Maybe next week...

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

a new friends is always welcome and we are happy to hear navy has a n new home

Bailey said...

What great friends.

Dianne SS said...

We enjoy reading about your life and your friends waaay down south in Key West. It's a pretty different place from where we live, that's for sure!!

Duffy and Lanny

Dawn said...

How nice to meet your park pals! Welcome Navy! I'm glad Gem feels safe in her kennel. She'll get braver when she gets older, but it's always good to feel safe.

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Gem went into her kennel cuz of all that loud yelling u do when the game is on! BOL :-) Luv all the pics. Gem sure gets bigger with every new photo session. I'm hoping Navy doesn't slobber on ppl like Red did. Every time I saw him, I felt like I got a mucous bath! :-) Say hi to good ole Sherms for me and scratch behbehind his ears ;-)