Thursday, June 30, 2016

Magnum & Samson

I got a note from my cousin Magnum, wishing me a happy Barkday.  Magnum was born a day after me and we played a lot together as pups at Holmhaven.  Magnum has grown up to be a handsome boy.  He is hoping to make it down to Key West in early October.  I made sure to give Dad a big nudge.  It will be so pawsome if we can get together.
Magnum - One Year Old
Magnum at Holmhaven 
Magnum lives with Samson, who is another Holmhaven Collie.  Samson came back to Holmhaven and Magnum convinced is pawrents to adopt him.  Samson is about two years older than me.  Samson reminds Dad of his angel dog Deacon, who came back to Holmhaven before coming to live in Key West.
Cousin's Magnum & Samson Resting
Dog Speed,

Gemini & Sherman


Sheltie Times said...

What a cute pup and an adorable adult. Hope you two get together to celebrate soon.

Dawn said...

Wouldn't that be COOL if you got to play together again? I hope it all works out!