Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Busy July

It has been a busy July.  Seems like the time just slipped away.  

Dad had a sleep study done on 30 June, so we had the house to ourselves until he got back the morning of 1 July.  We greeted him, and he spent the entire day with us.  Dad is picking up a new machine tomorrow to help him sleep better.

Fireworks went off on the 4th of July.  Both of us stayed closed to Dad and climbed up on the couch with him.  We were not in a panic, but neither of us liked the firecrackers going off outside.  Dad laughed at us, but he gave us plenty of loving.  So we were in good shape.

On 9 July we both went to see our vet Dr. Waddell.  Gemini had a fecal test, while Sherman got a thorough look over and then got some shots.  He was a real trooper through the whole event.  The vet tech put her head on him, and told Dad he was just a giant teddy bear.  That made Dad smile.  Gemini whimpered a little because her Sherm had left the room.  She needed more coaxing to go along with the vet tech.  The good news is both of us are in pawsome health.  Come October, Gemini will have her full vet visit.

At work today a man approached Dad and asked if he remembered him. It was my old pal Gibbs' Pawther.  Dad and I always wondered what happened to Gibbs as he disappeared from the park in December of 2011.  His Dad left town and the just recently came back to Key West.  I was only a pup when Gibbs left.  Being a bulldog, he doesn't do well in the heat, so I probably won't see him until October, when the weather starts to cool down.  I wonder if we will recognize each other.
Sherman and Gibbs Playing Circa November 2011
Dad said we did a pawsome job keeping him busy today.  It wasn't until he was about to go to bed, he remembered it would have been Deacon's 10th barkday today.  He took a moment and talked to Deacon's spirit, thanking him and Essex for watching over the pack.  Then he gave both of us a great big hug and a treat.

Dog Speed,

Sherman and Gemini


Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

a good report from the vets is always welcome

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Been busy here too :-)

StevieGrrrWonder said...

I hope dad's sleep is better with the new machine. We feel yur pain....fireworks make us hide under the table if they're too close/loud. Good/healthy vet visits r always welcome. We r glad all is well. Deacon would've been at retirement age in human yrs, older than dad. Miss the old boy, such a loveable goober :-)

Dawn said...

July is just flying by. I don't know how but it's almost August! I'm glad you two are healthy and that Dog Dad got a new machine and that you reconnected with Gibb's dad!