Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Herricane Matthew and Keys Animal Quarantine.

Gesh, we have two problems to worry about in the Florida Keys.

First, Herricane Matthew is an evil storm with 120 knot winds right now.  Our prayers are with all those hoomans and animals that are in Herricane's path.  The current forecast is that the closest approach to Key West will be at 6 pm on Thursday (6 October) and will be 204 nautical miles (378 kilometers).  Looking at the wind probabilities  there is 8% chance of having sustained winds of 34 knots, 2% for 50 knots, 1% for 64 knots. So we feel okay with the idea of staying safe in our house.  We have been barking at the storm to send it away from land and weaken Herricane Matthew but no luck.

The other news we read about into today's Key West paper is an animal quarantine has been declared in the Keys.  There has been a screwworm out break in the keys.  The screwworms are fly larva that enter a wound and eat an living animals or hoomans flesh.  Hoomans rarely get infected.  When we read about this we alerted people we knew that lived or normally visit the Keys.  It did cancel a planned visit by two collie relatives Samson and Magnum.  We were so looking forward to seeing them, but their parents decided not to come down.  We found one good site about the screwworm scourge at  Florida Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services site.  Here is the link to the screwworm site:  The site has some numbers to call if you have any questions.  Samson and Magnum pawrents called the number, talked to their vet cancelled their visit.  Dad said they made an informed decision and he would have made the same one.
Screwworm Fly
Attribution: The Mexican-American Commission for the Eradication of the Screwworm
All this leads us to wonder, if we a  zombie apocalypse is coming our way.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini


Jake of Florida said...

I think you all will be OK with Matthew. Still not sure about us. We are shuttered and ready though.

Screwworms? I agree. Zombies may be netx.

Stay safe!!!

JH and Mom

Dawn said...

Stay safe you guys. I hope it stays way east!!

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Good talking with u on the phone the other day. Stay safe and keep barking to keep the storm at bay! Those worms sound nasty, but zombie dogs sound cool :-)

onecollie said...

glad it's far away from you!!

Sheltie Times said...

Stay safe guys. We saw an article about those nasty creatures in the paper this morning. Hope the storm stays away from you guys. Our human grandparents have evacuated as they are in one of the areas that as of last night was supposed to be a touch down area.