Friday, October 7, 2016

Safe But Worried About Our Pals

Herricane Matthew missed us, but we are worried about so many of our pals.  We barked very hard trying to weaken and push the storm away from everypaw.  
The weather folks are predicting Herricane Matthew will go up the coast and loop around back toward us.  If that happens the storm is supposed to weaken to tropical depression.  We were happy to read that Reilly and Denny are safe in Georgia.  We are worried about there home, but that they are safe is what counts most.  In the St. Augustine Dad is worried about Vixen's Mom, Carol, that was the first hooman that Angel Collie "Deacon" lived who with; then there is the Mom of Angel Dogs Oreo and Snoopy that Dad spent many a days talking at Angel Paws.  Dad is worried about Lil at Holmhaven, Just Harry's pawrents and Brave Star's Dad in Broward County, Florida.  There are others we are thinking about Magnum & Samson, Gandalf, Karma, Shiloh & Dakota, Howie and their families.  We are hoping every paw is safe.  We have some reaching out to do.
Carol & Angel Collie "Deacon"
2008 - Herricane Ike Evacuation
Dad remembers coming back from Herricane Wilma.  Essex told Deacon how she kept things from over whelming Dad.
October 2005 - Storm Surge Line is Behind Essex
One good note though.  Navy and his pawrents made it to Key West 5 AM on Thursday.  They rolled into to Key West a day before Matthew. 

Dog Speed,

Gemini, Sherman & Dog Dad


Jake of Florida said...

We're fine, thank doG. I think Angel Jake had his paw on God's shoulder.

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Everyone should b ok, but that dang hurricane, actually almost the eyewall, hugged the coast all the way and will continue to do so....amazing. Glad u r ok :-)

Dawn said...

Stay safe!

Dawn said...

Stay safe!