Monday, June 5, 2017

Sherman Is Six

I woke up this morning to Dog Dad singing me Happy Barkday.  We went for a long walk and I got extra treats.  When Dad got back from work I got a treat and we went to Angel Paws Dog Park.  Unfortunately now other paws were there.  When we got back home, Gemini and I licked up some Dog Ice Cream.  That tasted really good.  I got plenty of ear scratches and butt rubs.  
Sherman The Barkday Dog
We wish our pals Tonks, Sky and Sora were here.  On 1 June their pack went to live in Mount Dora in Central Florida.  We will miss them.
Gemini, Sora and Sky

While we don't have our paw pals to celebrate my sixth barkday.  Gemini and Dad are here.  That is good enough for this pup.

Dog Speed,



StevieGrrrWonder said...

Happy barkday, Sherman!!! Your card is in the mail today, behind with most things this month. U look so happy on yur 6th barkday, and I know u loved the extra attention dog-dad gave u. Wouldn't it b great to have treats and ice cream every day? Yur growing hips and bulging belly will thank u for it! BOL ;-) it's sad that Tonks, Skye & Sora and their 2 humans are gone, but central FL isn't so far away. I think u should bug dad to go for a visit sometime. Good friends r hard to come by these days, and their pack were really "good people," as they say. I'll miss them too!

Jans Funny Farm said...

Happy birthday, Sherman! We wish your friends could be there to celebrate with you. Seems like friends are always moving away, aren't they! Good thing you have your dad and Gemini.

Collie222 said...

Happy belated birthday! Hopefully you will make some new friends!

Collie222 said...

Everything going well?